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What d’you mean you’re dancing the cha-cha-cha? Yes, appearing on The One Show today, it was confirmed that Danny John-Jules will be a contestant in the new series of Strictly Come Dancing. We’ve heard rumours that his dance partner is going to be a CGI Blue Midget.

Yes, Danny on Strictly, the show that pairs professional dancers with celebrities that are not famed for their dancing. It’s usually sports stars, newsreaders, people who have performed in Starlight Express and Cats in the West End, people like that. They’ve had plenty of contestants with some dancing experience before, mostly from boy/girl bands and the like, but I don’t think they’ve ever had someone with quite this much dancing experience. The BBC article announcing his participation contains this line:

So we know he can act, but can he dance? It won’t be long until we find out!

Well, yes. Yes, he can. Mind you, the article also states that there are 52 episodes of Red Dwarf, and implies that he went from Dwarf to Death In Paradise, rather than appearing in both at the same time, so perhaps they haven’t quite done enough research into their new signing.

Still, it will give him an advantage in the competition, which is good news for Strictly fans, but potentially bad for Red Dwarf fans. He’s most likely still going to be in the ballroom every Saturday night when Dimension Jump weekend rolls around in early October, plus this pretty much confirms what was already incredibly likely – they’re not going to be shooting any new Red Dwarf in this anniversary year, then.

Still, we’ll be tuning in – this is a great fit for both Danny and the show. If nothing else, there’s bound to be Red Dwarf references aplenty going out in prime time on BBC One. Petition to get him to dance to Tongue Tied starts here.

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  1. Plus I’m sure we could get Bobby to dress as Kryten and film some anniversary video kinda like YouTube Geek Week, not the greatest thing in the world but it’s something innit.

  2. There *have* been people who have had a considerable amount of dancing experience on the show previously – to the point that at least one of them had previously competed professionally in latin and ballroom – Jason Donovan, Denise van Outen, her from Corrie, etc. Perhaps not quite as much as Danny, but still.

  3. Yeah, Kimberly Walsh would have done a lot of dancing in Girls Aloud – every night for every tour they did for their ten year career – so it’s all a bit odd really.

  4. I wonder whether the delay in planning new Red Dwarf could be partly due to this. Or maybe that’s just nonsense speculation.

    Either way, let’s hope he does well, he deserves to.

  5. Danny has so much dancing experience that for a second I thought he’d been announced as one of the professional dancing partners, not as a celebrity contestant.

  6. Feel like there’s a bit of a difference from Girls Aloud to being in the original cast of Starlight Express or with most of the original cast of Cats.

  7. It’s not inconceivable Danny could still film a new series of Red Dwarf this autumn – plenty of other contestants have fitted the show around other commitments (such as the various EastEnders/Corrie/Casualty stars who’ve been on it).

    I suspect if XIII was filming this year we would already have heard about it, though.

  8. G&T Admin

    Not inconceivable, but also incredibly unlikely. Red Dwarf is a full-time job for the the main cast when it’s in studio, there wouldn’t be time to also rehearse Strictly. But yes, you’re right that this doesn’t really change much, just another of many reasons why it looks like it’s not happening.

  9. I think Dave will be waiting for the hype from the Blu-rays if they’re successful before kicking on with any new Dwarf.

    Danny being on primetime BBC One can’t hurt either, you’d have to imagine he’ll be on it for a while, and Doug will be on the blower offering cash money for Red Dwarf name drops haha

    £10K if he can slip an advert for UKTVPlay in after he does the Paso Doble.

  10. I would gladly settle for just an announcement about XIII this year at this point. Strictly is done by Christmas usually isn’t it?

  11. I assume we’ll be getting some news on XIII and anything else at Dimension Jump in October.

  12. I’m still mad that it’s not Rob Grant competing.

  13. Danny gets to the final.

    He’s in costume as The Cat for his last dance.

    His partner is Blue Midget.

    Make it happen, BBC. The public demands it.

  14. Alternative titles for this post:

    American SMOOth
    Charleston of Worms
    Pasollel Universe
    The Inquickstepitor
    Parallel Univiennese
    Waltzing for God

    Wait, that last one’s actually quite good

  15. Ballet of Power
    Out of 3/4 Time
    The Awooga Waltz
    Curedia Winkleman

  16. Waiting Forsyth

  17. And of course:

    Cry, “Ten!”

  18. I assume you’ll be doing weekly StrictlyDwarfCasts?

  19. I think Dave will be waiting for the hype from the Blu-rays if they’re successful before kicking on with any new Dwarf.

    I… I don’t understand this line of reasoning. Surely Dave already has an idea of whether or not people would want more Dwarf from, y’know, the viewing figures and DVD/Bluray sales of BTE-XII – series they already commissioned because people were watching 1-VIII in large numbers on the channel. Why would they wait on the sales figures for a set of episodes they didn’t produce, released on a format with declining sales over the last 5-ish years, to determine whether to make more?

  20. I’ve said before, a XIII series is practically guaranteed at this point, from that onward is where I’m uncertain

  21. Timewave Part Two knows that XIII is guaranteed, poke my eye out and cut off my arm if I’m wrong.

  22. We’ll get our first glimpse of Danny on the show at the red carpet launch on Monday evening, if anyone didn’t know.

  23. The information as to who Danny’s professional partner is is now out there, should you wish to go looking for it.

  24. The information as to who Danny’s professional partner is is now out there, should you wish to go looking for it.

    I think we all know who it is.

  25. Who is it, I can’t find it on any of the usual suspect news sites

  26. Have the profile pictures always been on the right side?

  27. Did quite well marks wise I think.

    Having watched that video though, he’s going to blow people out of the water in the Latin/ balletic stuff. He’s not amazing at the close dancing but he’s shit hot at the flair stuff.

  28. Danny’s on It Takes Two today.

  29. Doug’s got a giant dance sequence planned for XIII now that he knows Danny’s still capable

  30. He’s so obviously a dancer haha

    He looks like one of the professionals to be honest.

  31. Currently sitting 4th on the leaderboard out of 15 with 55 points. Top couple has 61 points and bottom couple has 24.

  32. Currently sitting 4th on the leaderboard out of 15 with 55 points. Top couple has 61 points and bottom couple has 24.

    Think he’ll really shine the more complex they get. Hardest part is remembering everything, he’ll have that down.

  33. i hope bargain bin holly is right: cat dancing is like harpo playing harp recitals. it didn’t work in viii or with dog but it should! tongue tied had all of them in but he sang so I guess like chico playing piano. i mean i like the idea but they haven’t got it to work.

  34. I heard Danny can ride a unicycle, I’d like to see that demonstrated on Red Dwarf

  35. Craig would have to learn how to ride one as well if we’re finally going to get some Unicycle Polo action.

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