DwarfCast 98 – Dimension Jump XX Special

It’s been eight days since the start of the twentieth Dimension Jump convention, honouring the thirtieth anniversary of Red Dwarf, and to be honest we still haven’t fully recovered. If you’re looking for a comprehensive, chronological and coherent guide to what happened over the weekend, you won’t find that here (Gazpacho Soup’s social media roundup does a good job of that). Instead, we waited until the early hours of Monday morning, when everyone was at their most tired and emotionally involved, and gathered whichever attendees and team members were still around, regardless of their levels of energy or sobriety. It offers a fairly accurate snapshot of the mind of your average Red Dwarf fan having come to the end of such a special weekend.

Our random anecdotes and memories include our reactions to the weekend’s bits and bobs for Dwarf news – ie. the current status of the Blurays and Series XIII, behind the scenes goss about the time Jo accidentally stalked Charles Augins, speculation as to the contents of a “honeymoon video”, adventures in urinals with three former Red Dwarf producers, complaints about a lack of biscuits, and a very rude story about Clare Grogan and a glass of milk.

DwarfCast 98 – Dimension Jump XX Special (77MB)

A huge thank you to the whole Fan Club team for running such a fantastic weekend, all the guests for entering into the spirit, and all the attendees for creating such a happy atmosphere. Special thanks to our DwarfCast guests for showing up at such an ungodly hour. Joining John Hoare, Tanya Jones, Danny Stephenson and Ian Symes were: DJ team members Jez Harrison, Mick Hayes, Carrie Parsons, Kiran Parsons, Shelley Smith and Jo Sharples, along with attendees Si Bromley, Paul Filipczyk, Stephen Fletcher, Ali Green, Peter Jones and Dan Pendleton.

And if you’re still craving more, I recommend you take a look at the full compilation of video messages from Red Dwarf alumni, wishing DJ attendees a happy thirtieth anniversary:

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  1. Haven’t listened to the DwarfCast yet but that video is awesome.

  2. Well, that was definitely well worth the wait. An excellent end to a brilliant weekend, and now I’ve heard it properly, I’ve got to accept that it’s over. Sob.

  3. I love that Pendo has been photoshopped so he fits in the banner version of the photo 😂

  4. As you said about Danny not needing to be there, you guys have been so incredibly busy with DJ stuff you didn’t need to make this podcast either, so THANKS muchly for going out of your way to do so, it’s seriously hugely appreciated!! Really funny as well, and gave a nice feel of what it was like to be there, moreso than any write-up would have, so thanks again guys. :)

  5. I love that Pendo has been photoshopped so he fits in the banner version of the photo

    Yes, that amused me, too. :D

  6. Sad to hear about Tony Slattery. I had the impression he was doing much better these days. Hopefully that’s the case and he was just having a bad one. Apart from that, a really enjoyable listen. Love Ed Bye’s comment about Norm’s face.

  7. I like the gingham skirt with no longer insane T-shirt look Carrie. Thats a Quarantine Give & Take harmonious combo!

    Great podcast, after all the hard work, and emotional relentless brilliance of DJXX that must have been hard to avoid duvets in favor of capturing on record everything that just happened. Even more so that the event pulled Gobsmacking surprises on us so hard to comprehend and you had the task of summing it up so soon after. But this does capture every topic from my own memories of the event. Great gag and points too Stephen you really gave good input here. Really enjoyed hearing more about the video messages from Jo. When you see her and other organisers at the weekender, intensely looking at phone screens, messages, schedules and having to head off quickly to sort the next thing, you do wish the impossible that they could be allowed the luxury of enjoying the event like us relaxed guests can. So to hear the story about the Queeg phone call, is delightful to hear from behind the scenes of DJ.

    You all made something so so wonderful happen. Thank you. I take my beard off to you all.

  8. I love that Pendo has been photoshopped so he fits in the banner version of the photo

    Haha yes, it took me a few moments to figure out what the hell was going on there.

    I love how pissed I look in the picture, no one will ever believe that I was completely sober.

  9. The very definition of sobriety.

  10. Pretty sure Robert Webb is talking about her on the DVD commentaries for That Mitchell and Webb Look when he mentions a review containing some unpleasant comments about his teeth. She’s awful.

  11. Ohh, HER. The one who said something about wanting to chop Limmy’s cock off and who every now and then I see brought up in solely negative light

  12. She was also on Newsnight, giving a glib and utterly embarrassing discourse about the greatness of Rik Mayall when he died. Her admiration of him inadvertently made Mayall’s entire career sound indistinguishable from that of Dick and Dom.

    “He pulled silly faces and said “bum” and “bogeys” a lot, which we found so funny as kids!”.
    Wow, what a great fucking epitaph to the late writer and performer. His family will be so proud.

    It was honestly like watching a six year old explain their reasons why Michelangelo is their favourite Ninja Turtle. It’s astonishing that she’s a professional writer of anything, let alone comedy criticism.

  13. Michelangelo *is* the best turtle, though.

  14. All I remember about Michelangelo is that he was supposedly the party dude, but when a friend of mine had one of the Turtles booked for his eighth birthday it was Leonardo who showed up. So he can’t have been all that if he didn’t even live up to his defining character trait

  15. I know you’re all joking because it’s Donatello, obviously.

  16. April O’Neill.

    You would, though, wouldn’t you?

  17. G&T Admin

    Michelangelo is the best turtle.

  18. Splinter was quite nice, but he wasn’t a turtle

  19. It’s Raph all the way (and he is the true leader, fuck you all who disagree!!!). Mikey used to wind me up as a kid cause he used to mess around so much. xD

  20. Donatello, the thinking five-year-old’s Turtle. Krang’s best though.

  21. Bebop and Rocksteady. Wankers.

  22. Touhce’ Is the best turtle.

  23. > You would, though, wouldn’t you?

    What about Irma? I would go with Irma. But I’d be thinking of April.

  24. One thing I never quite got about the Ninja Turtles is that I distincly remember the comic books of them I read as a kid weren’t called Ninja Turtles at all-they were called “Hero Turtles”. Did they think readers wouldn’t know what ninja were and had to change the name, or is it just some sort of Mandela Effect thing fucking with my head?

  25. The cartoon, comic and most other merchandise was rebranded Hero Turtles in the UK and some other European countries due to parental concerns over the word ‘ninja’ that have since relaxed for the later remakes. Michelangelo’s nunchucks were also edited out of episodes because they were considered a more taboo weapon than swords, sticks and spiked forks. The UK comics reprinted the American ‘Adventures of TMNT’ comics (that were sometimes great and surreal) interspersed with weaker homegrown material. I think the films uniquely kept the ‘Ninja’ name, which set them apart. So much really important trivia in my brain.

  26. The best part about the rebranding of TMNT to TMHT was the way they clumsily edited the word ‘ninja’ out of dialogue with clunky cuts that included snipping out chunks of the background music. As a kid I thought the cartoon was just really shoddily put together.

  27. Also, the original comics are loads of fun, worth checking out if you’ve never read them. They’re basically a big pisstake of 1980s Daredevil.

  28. While I (obviously) knew all about the Ninja/Hero censorship stuff, it wasn’t until just a few years back that I discovered just *how* horrific the censorship on the logo was.
    It wasn’t just a matter of simply replacing the offending word. They replaced the whole of that bar with absolutely horrific writing. They could have done the whole thing in Comic Sans, and it would probably have still better than the shite they came up with.

  29. Yeah, it’s awful.

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