Yes folks, after a break of two years and eight months since the Series XII shoot wrapped, Red Dwarf is back in production once more. That’s as of pretty much right now, according to a tweet from a freshly-shaved Robert Llewellyn, who confusingly continues to refer to the special as Series XIII:

In fact, this post should appear at the exact moment that rehearsal starts on the first scene. The cast will get ready afterwards, while the rest of the crew set up. That’s according to a note on the call sheet, as tweeted by Linda Glover:

Fingers crossed that it is indeed a fantastic shoot – break several legs, guys. And of course, there’s bound to be a fair few further updates from cast and crew on social media over the coming days and weeks ahead of December’s studio dates, so please help us keep on top of them all by using the comments on this post as a repository for anything interesting you’ve spotted.

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  • I love that the Red Dwarf XIII debate is the new Red Dwarf IX debate.

    I think they’re just doing it to give us something to argue about.

  • We should scrap series numbers and refer to each series by the year of original broadcast. Then we can debate how we reference Series I & II with that new system. I’d say break it down into seaons. Red Dwarf Winter/spring 1988, Red Dwarf Autumn 1988 … which at first glance looks confusing, but I think you’ll agree it makes sense.

  • All the jokes aside. would Doug really bring back the crit cop from the most popular episode of the shows entire run?

    The scary part is Craig has been pictured with Johnny Vegas a couple of times recently.

  • Maybe Vegas wants to be in something Red Dwarf that isn’t considered one of Dante’s Hellish torture instruments.

  • My fear is that when Doug thinks of a Red Dwarf special. he thinks nostalgia = Special. so bring back as much as you can from the shows run. the fans will love seeing things brought back. crit cop, kill-crazy!. but in which case would be flawed logic,

    Please prove me wrong Doug!. this would not be a good way to do it. just tell a good story. its too late for using 30th anniversary as an excuse to be lazy!

    *calms down*

  • I’m pretty sure Darrell was just bullshitting, Kill Crazy is not coming back lol, I’ll get ass implants if I’m wrong

  • Also seen today – the late Noel Coleman clambering bare-arsed up the side of the building like a giant hairy spider.

    Yeah, sorry. I thought my post above would read more immediately as a joke, but then I remembered that The Fear is still very real.

  • I genuinely want Kill Crazy to show up and I think there could be a line or two explaining where the resurrected crew went before spinning off into an unrelated story.

  • What happened to the crew got forgotten about ages ago. you know that when Lister constantly brings up Rimmer not fixing the drive plates that its a sequel to series 1 and not series 8.

  • All Pete Part Three wants is a signed apology by Doug Naylor to Rob Grant written in the blood of 100 virgins on paper handcrafted by a flock of naked Costa Rican barmaids, on live television, that so much to ask?

  • Hell, Crit Cop was the best part of Timewave by far for me. This Johnny Vegas (that episode is the first I heard or saw of him. I understand he’s a fairly well known comedian on your side of the pond.) stole the show in Timewave and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of him.

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