…since the first half of the Red Dwarf Special had a studio audience recording. Well, they’re finally getting round to finishing it at 6pm tonight.

There hasn’t been too many sneaky previews on social media ahead of this recording; the best we’ve got to go on are a look behind-the-scenes of the behind-the-scenes from Nathan Cubitt, and Danny’s video of Craig playing the piano in Rimmer’s officers’ club. Frankly, we could do with a few more pictures to sneak out in order to illustrate our set report, so keep an eye out and please do share anything interesting in the comments below. And given that we covered quite a lot of ground in the last set report, let us know if there’s anything else in particular you’d like to know about this time round.

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  • I’d like to know what the full plot is and all of the jokes.

    No, I think vague-but-intriguing is the way to go, as ever. I appreciate these reports as the next best thing to actually being able to attend.

  • Without giving anything away, can you say whether you think the ending would be satisfying if this ends up being the last Red Dwarf ever.

    Also, if you can, who of the main four is getting the most to do.

    Cheers you sexy blighter.

  • If the person writing attended both recordings, I would be interested to know if they thought the story was worthy of 90 minutes (having now seen the whole thing) and whether the episode is suitably focused on the plot or whether there are a tonne of diversions and unnecessary parts that don’t really drive the main plot forward.

  • Still plenty of time for DJJ to take multiple photos before, during and after the shoot to be used in the set report.

    Some info on any supporting cast members would be good if applicable, e.g. any household/recognisable names, stand out performances etc.

  • Does that thing that seemed a bit weird and out of place get paid off in the second half, or is it just a thing?

  • Does that thing that seemed a bit weird and out of place get paid off in the second half, or is it just a thing?

    He’s got a name, and he’s called Norman

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