Just a quick one to note that, as reported by TOS, the second recording date for the Red Dwarf Special (which was, of course, originally the first recording date) has finally been confirmed for Saturday 11th January. That’s just eight days away, and it marks a rare return to an audience recording taking place at a weekend, for the first time since Lemons went before the cameras on what was pretty much the equivalent Saturday in early 2012. Apparently ticket holders will have already been informed, but none of the ticket holders that we know were, so do note that you need to reconfirm your booking by Monday 6th if you’re one of them. Due to the extremely short notice, and given that they were still giving away tickets for the first session at the last possible minute, it’s well worth putting your name down for standby tickets if you’re able to get yourself to the vicinity of Pinewood on the night; the link will appear on Lost In TV’s Twitter next Friday (10th Jan) at 5pm. See you there.

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  • It was great going to see Red Dwarf recorded and being part of a full house.

    Hope the late reveal of the date doesn’t leave any seats empty.

  • There was Spike Milligan’s Dalek sketch, too. That very probably wouldn’t get made now, but Spike was fucking funny.

  • There was Spike Milligan’s Dalek sketch, too

    Is that being recorded on the 11th as well?

    And this is why you don’t have different tabs open together at twenty to two in the morning.

  • I assume the audience for the second half is going to see some rough cut of the first for context? The extra time between recordings would probably help with that a lot.

    Not that Red Dwarf doesn’t have a precedent for throwing an audience into the deep end of the pool with no explanation. Looking at you, Back in the Red Part 3.

  • Bes thing I’ve seen of Spike was calling Prince Charles a “groveling bastard” at that award ceremony (which would’ve been when Red Dwarf won their 1994 Comedy Award I believe).

  • Good luck. Aside from December when we were upgraded from standby, I’ve never had a full ticket and they’ve always squeezed us in – and it does feel like even more of a treat if there is an element of pressure to it. :-)

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