Let’s Talk About Smart Breakdown

Ooh! Eight months and one day later, a second AA advert featuring the Red Dwarf crew has been released.  It’s time for another brand new minute of Red Dwarf, everyone.

We’ll have a review along at some point soon, but do let us know what you reckon in the meantime. There are also some new behind-the-scenes videos and photos on the AA website to keep you occupied.

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  1. Better than the first ad, I’d say. Couple of nice little gags, the emergency lighting made me smile. :)

  2. Yeah that was cool. Nice inclusion of the AA man into the actions and the emergency lighting gag was fun.

    There’s a cool (to me anyway) shot on the behind the scenes page of the full exterio of the Starbug set which is nice.

  3. Are you sure sir? It does mean changing the candle!

    Lovely treat, effective advert, nice little interviews in costume.

    It’s maybe 6 weeks until “The Special” airs. So good tie in time if this is now airing on tv
    A lot in the run up, reminding a general audience the boys from dwarf are still flying starbug.

    So the AA have probably fixed Norman. He’s an app now.

  4. The Cat appears to be reading a magazine about himself.

  5. Noticed that the BTS music has the proper theme as opposed to the shitty version that they use on the actual ad. Maybe it’s a broadcast thing?

  6. After that I’ve lost all hesitation in openly wishing the show would switch to a CG Starbug full time.

  7. I liked that one a lot, more so than the first. 10/10

  8. The Cat appears to be reading a magazine about himself.

    We saw that in a publicity photo some months back.

  9. Will they edit all the jokes out of this one an’ all?

  10. Will they edit all the jokes out of this one an’ all?

    What, they haven’t already?

  11. There is a 30 second version of that advert which is a tiny bit different. probably the ones thats gonna be shown on tv.

    Cat replies with just “What?” at the end, instead of the coffee line. i think i prefer the “What?”.

  12. The shorter ad is better but I wish they’d kept the candle joke in. I think this ad is certainly better than the first one.

  13. There’s a new radio one too! I only heard a bit of it but the Rimmer gag in it was funny

  14. The Radio ad’s been popping up on Capital.

  15. How are the characters written so well for these ads?! The “haircut” line was poor, but otherwise I don’t think you could improve this.

  16. I kinda like the haircut line for how overtly bad it was tbh

  17. Rimmer aggressively saying Yes is obviously the best bit.

  18. G&T Admin

    The haircut line was great you big fannies.

  19. The first one’s better imo but I like this as well. I much prefer “What!?” to the coffee line though.

    When he gives his answer to ‘What’s in your glove box?’, is Craig getting at what I think he might be? I mean, if so… fucking brilliant.

  20. It was on during The Chase earlier so, yeah, looks like they jumped the gun.

    In other news, I’ve defected from Pointless to The Chase recently. More news as we have it.

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