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sigh … There wasn’t a single person on board this ship that didn’t have a special place in their heart for Seb Patrick. How best to remember this prince among men*? There’s so any wonderful stories it’s difficult to choose… but we had a good go at it anyway.

DwarfCast 116 – Seb Patrick: Thanks For The Memories (132MB)

The impact Seb’s had on us is huge. There’s no way we could have put across all our feelings and memories in just one podcast, but everything we will continue to do on this silly little website will remain a constant tribute to him, his influence on us and the love and respect we hold for him. You’ll never walk alone.

* no, not that one

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  • I’m sure Seb would feel honoured to know he has a tribute podcast named after an error in the BluRay boxset.

    Will have a listen over the weekend when I’m sober and not likely to have a bit of a cry.

  • That was really lovely. I want to give you all a big hug after that (but not in a creepy way; after all, we’re social distancing). It was very raw, and very honest.

    Something that always struck me through following Seb’s work is just how adaptable he was to the audience he was aiming for. In the early days of G&T, I remember it had a reputation from some circles for using colourful language (in the most amusing way, and I loved it). Seb wasn’t adverse to this on forum posts, but his writing was so accessible across the board that it was genuinely excellent news when he took over TOS. All of that playfulness, professionalism and creativity came to the fore.

    He always struck me as the most grown-up of the G&T team in the early days, and someone that wanted to succeed out of sheer love and passion. Not enough is spoken nowadays of people that use their real, genuine enthusiasm and love of their craft to share it with others. It’s an important thing, not just in fandom but in popular culture generally, when we’re so used (desensitized, even) to cutting people down for daring to be ambitious and proudly wearing their passion on their sleeve.

    I hope others are massively influenced to engage, discuss, debate and, ultimately, enjoy fandoms and the community spirit that they can encourage.

    Certainly, as far as Red Dwarf is concerned at the very least, Seb championed fandom and the positive relationships that could be formed as a result. That’s a real legacy.

  • Lovely chaps, thank you.

    I’m one of those saddos who look at the TimeHop app on my phone everyday (and have done for the past 1337 days) to remind me of things I’d forgotten, largely for good reason.
    This past month, the old Tweets that have been thrown at me, the Twitter interactions… There’s a surprising number of them with Seb. Almost everyday, there’ll be a particular comment where you’ll think it’s amusing to revisit it, and come up with a witty retort, to invite a witty reply. And then it hits that you’re not going to get one.
    You spoke of the number of people contributing to the fund, how quickly it got to a massive sum, and of all the tributes from the likes of Doug, and Ed Solomon. Seb was trending on Twitter that night. If that’s not an indication of how much he really was loved, I don’t what is.
    What a guy.

  • Kudos to you for putting the ending of the ‘Out of Time’ DwarfCast as a little easter egg at the end. How bittersweet it is now. Did he keep that clock?

  • Just to echo what Cappsy said; As someone who never met him; this was truly the most upsetting celebrity death I’ve ever experienced. I will miss his writing, his tweeting and his podcasting. And February 2nd just won’t be the same any more.

    Thank you for making me laugh in the closing moments of this.

    <Double Rimmer salute>

  • As someone who never met him; this was truly the most upsetting celebrity death I’ve ever experienced.

    Yes, I was reflective on how unjust it was in quiet moments from the Sunday through to the Thursday after. Closest anyone else has ever gotten was Terry Pratchett, I think, and that was for maybe a day. We weren’t friends and I can only guess Seb’s opinion of myself was somewhere from not applicable to irritant at best but I hadn’t realised I gave as much of a damn about him as I did and do.

    Memories I am thankful for:
    *The Caption Competition
    *Ian shutting down Seb’s Silver Survey/Silver Surfer pun on the DwarfCast
    *Seb not giving this the time of day.
    *And his getting this far inferior junk to meme for a while

  • I didn’t even know him and I’m not a twitterer so I wasn’t really that familiar with him outside of Red Dwarf business, but honestly not a day goes by since he passed I’ve not thought about him and just physically shook my head in disbelief, it’s hard to make sense of. And the more of his writing, and musings on his various interests and passions I see in the flurry of tributes and thread bumps etc makes me more gutted I’ll never get the chance to know him.

    A brilliant, talented man taken far, far too soon.

  • That was really beautiful and touching and hilarious. Loads of stuff there that I didn’t know he’d done. What an incredible person and a superb tribute. Really glad that it provided some therapeutic benefit to you all.
    The Easter Egg at the end was both a lovely and very funny touch, and also a slight gut punch with the last words. I’m sure he’d totally approve, but it was a really strange moment.

  • It isn’t often I can sum up my feelings about something as heartfelt and affecting as this DwarfCast with a quote from Series VIII, but here goes: “If you’ve got three good friends you’re a rich man.” The G&T team have done Seb proud with this beautiful tribute.

  • To echo others, this was beautiful. I’m another one who never met Seb but still got choked up hearing you guys talk about him.

    You are all incredible people and we’re lucky to have this site, not just because of the excellent Dwarf-related output.

  • That was a lovely listen guys, a beautiful, and bittersweet tribute.

    I count myself lucky to have met Seb a few times. My first in-person meeting with him was at a London Film and Comic Con. I had a table, and was shilling a sci-fi comedy book I used to make (wonder where that idea brewed), and Seb came up and introduced himself (I already knew who he was, obviously, but the dude was humble as hell). We talked about the con, the books, Red Dwarf, and then he trotted off to not damage my book sales, haha! And obviously, yes, he picked up a book off me. Phew.

    I met him at a few cons after that over the years, and it was always brief but brilliant. Just so enthusiastic and passionate about so much stuff, it’s bewildering. Exchanged a few emails and tweets about comics, and pitches, and Bill & Ted.

    The last time I saw him, was at a studio recording of Red Dwarf – I think it was for an ep in XII. I’d gotten in on a standby ticket, and pegged it up the M4 from Cardiff after work to just barely get in. I had to get back pretty quick, but as the audience shuffled out, Seb was a way aways, talking to some other people. He spotted me, and gave me a big smile and a wave, and I smiled and waved back, and pointed to the imaginary watch on my wrist in the time honoured tradition of “can’t stay but would if I could”. He nodded, and I scooted out the building. So the last time I saw him, he was standing in the Red Dwarf sleeping quarters… well played Mr Patrick. Well played.

  • A lovely tribute to Seb, well done guys. I went in fully expecting to have a small cry at my desk and was duly unsurprised when it happened. I only met him briefly a couple of times but like many others, felt a connection through his articles and online presence. In writing and in person, his contagious enthusiasm and passion for all manner of disparate things always shone through, and I think that will be a big part of his legacy. And as an outside observer, it’s been quite inspiring to see how his friends have rallied around to celebrate his memory and to comfort one another.

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