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It’s time for a new DwarfCast so grab the keys to your new sports car, leave your partner for someone younger, buy a new wardrobe of designer clothes, spend too much money on sunglasses, trade in your sports car for a motorbike, give an unsolicited shoulder massage to an acquaintance, tell everyone about your eclectic music taste, retweet Emma Kennedy, get a tribal tattoo, have your bits pierced, be a sex tourist in East Asia, trade in your motorbike for a different sports car, stick a deck chair up your nose, go see Ricky Gervais stand-up, sit alone at a nightclub bar, launch an ill fated music career, vote Lib Dem, place your best cloche on your head and listen to our commentary for Krysis

DwarfCast 122 – Krysis Commentary (101.6MB)

You know the drill by now, this weekend we’ll be recording the next part of the BookClub so head over to the last episode to see where we’re up to and to leave your thoughts. After that we’ll be wrapping up the series XI commentaries with Can of Worms so your thoughts on the episodes or topics for Waffle Men would be greatly appreciated in the comments below.

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  • Good old Jimmy. Lovely segue from my waffle question into his.

    It was very impressive that you managed to posit the *exact* opposite of what is actually happening.

  • I’ve always considered Krysis a very warm episode, it has an almost cosy feel, which is an odd thing for an episode with arguably the most ‘epic’ moment in the entire show.

    Novel-wise, let’s have one based on the movie script.

    Future waffle: Why the fuck was Skipper originally called Star Knot?! Discuss.

  • Why the fuck was Skipper originally called Star Knot?! Discuss

    My guess is that the anomaly that causes it all to happen was going to be based on a star or something, and it knots them all up on their first half.

    Maybe it’s a working title from an episode that revolves around the first half of the episode’s premise longer, because whilst the segue into the second half Skipper portion works, the episode does feel a lot like two ideas jammed together.

    I’ll also suggest Star Knot as a title was dropped when they were for single word titles. Timewave was original two words, be harder to compress Star Knot to Starknot, doesn’t look as right. Also Star Knot feels like a similar title to Timewave. Although Mechocracy and Siliconia are too I guess.

  • Although Mechocracy and Siliconia are too I guess.

    I’m sure there are a few amongst us who, when first reading the list of titles, thought Mechocracy was going to be ‘The One Where They’re All Krytens’.

  • My guess is that the anomaly that causes it all to happen was going to be based on a star or something, and it knots them all up on their first half.

    While obviously true, this would have been corrected before the show even went into production. A working title for an early draft, maybe, but not for the final episode. Unless somehow those BluRay titles were from script drafts… which makes even less sense than what actually happened.

  • That does sound very unlikely. Mind you, Timewave seems like a working title as well. I mean the timewave itself isn’t what the episode’s about, it’s just a way of getting the Enconium there. Weird.

  • This is probably the episode I have gone back to most in rewatching series 11 and 12. Its is just a nice, cosy, episode. There has been funnier episodes but I think it has nice character development and Rimmer talking to Mr Universe always makes me chuckle and has a great guest star as well.

  • Apparently this episode was conceived because Robert Llewellyn was starting to lose confidence over his portrayal of Kryten after some negative reviews of Series X, and so Doug said he’d write an episode to bring in a guest star as another Kryten-like mech in full prosthetics and costume, to show how difficult it was to act well under those conditions and make Bobby feel better in comparison.

    Unfortunately it didn’t quite work out like that.

  • I love this episode to bits. Butler is one of my fave guest characters, this ep is one of the absolute highlights of the Dave era, and it has an actual ending! Huzzah!

  • I like the first half. i think the actor playing Butler managed to capture a subtlety that is lacking for guest stars in the Dave era and it just made the episode feel abit more like classic Red Dwarf. infact most of the performances felt very early Red Dwarf, and even though it had shades of dimension jump in there, i think it managed to work quite well.

    I don’t really enjoy the Universe stuff though. i feel like its an idea that you kinda have to dilute to work in the Red Dwarf. making it feel like it was perhaps abit too big and bold to work. Doug took the idea of the dwarfers meeting what could be considered God in a sense, and then said how can we make this feel much smaller so it doesn’t create questions or problems.

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