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For the first time in far, far too long, a small army of Red Dwarf fans laid siege to the Nottingham Crown Plaza last weekend. We called it Dimension Jump XXI, and the last survivors converged on Sunday night to see what they could remember under the glare of our microphone. So join Ian Symes, Fan Club team members Andy Holland, Dan “Pendo” Pendleton and Shelley Smith, plus attendees Dave Billingsley, Si Bromley, Stephen Fletcher, Peter Jones and Jo Sharples as we run through such diverse topics as Lee Cornes meeting his alter ego, Doug Naylor’s plans for future projects both?Dwarf and not-quite-Dwarf,?Danny John-Jules’s reworked lyrics to Tongue Tied, touching tributes, scandalous cheating and taking Johnny Vegas to bed.

DwarfCast 142 – Dimension Jump XXI Special (100MB)

We find ourselves in the unusual situation of having a backlog of DwarfCasts clogging up our pipes at the moment – mostly because we completely failed to factor DJ in to our schedule. So next up will be the already-recorded Part 4 of Backwards Book Club, followed by the already-recorded Wafflemen Special #2. You lucky bastards.

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  • Thank you for posting this so quickly. I haven’t heard it all yet but am certainly enjoying recalling the event. Just one week ago but could have been years ago.

    One clarification from near the start of the podcast that might or might not be important.

    Paul Jackson emphatically stated on stage that Rob Grant still had legal rights to write Red Dwarf novels should he so desire. This was stated on the Sunday morning of DJ XXI, so 12.9.21, not prior to the current legal issues.

  • One of these years I’m going to get my arse in gear and go to DJ. Despite what sounds like a bit of a scaled back year from the incessant twittering of G&T, Gaspacho Soup, Si etc, and the after event reports and podcasts it sounds like an absolutely cracking year for everyone. Not least of all because of Johnny Vegas being there which seems to have set everyone up for a weekend that might have felt a little watered down.

    Glad you all had fun.

  • Great work guys. Hopefully will be able to attend the next (post Covid) DJ. I literally experienced that late Sunday night post DJ exhaustion listening to you.

  • Long time lurker, first time poster ect, ect.

    Somebody I know worked as a runner on series XI and a year ago mentioned the earpiece thing to me, which I assumed either to be a lie or a misunderstanding purely because “I’d have heard about that already if it were true” which makes me laugh now.

  • Still hopeful I can attend one of these someday. It’ll happen! It would just have to involve a lot of planning. And money. Fuck.

  • Yeah, I’d love to do it, but it involves having a fair amount of money at somewhat short notice, and having been unemployed for… *counts*… a long time time, it’s just not really possible. Hopefully in a couple of years I’ll come along and dazzle you all with my sexiness*.

    *Pete Tranter’s sister cosplay notwithstanding.

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