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It’s waffle time! Again! That’s right, to mark the occasion of the whole G&T trio being in the same room for the first time since that spiky red cunt fucked everything up for everyone, we thought we’d have another stab at a Wafflemen Special, since the last one seemed to go surprisingly well. So, join the slightly giddy and tipsy Danny, Cappsy and Ian as they heave their enormous, waddling frames in front of the microphone to discuss all the things you see in the banner, AND MORE.

DwarfCast 144 – Wafflemen Special #2: Electric Waffleoo (74.5MB)

And then guess what’s coming up next! That’s right, we will be recording our final ever episode of the DwarfCast Book Club this weekend, with a view to putting that out as the next episode in your feeds. If you haven’t already then get yourself over to the thread to log your final thoughts on Backwards, and the books in the general if you so wish. Once we’re done with that, the episode after will be the first in an experimental new series of commentaries wherein we talk over Red Dwarf adjacent shows – starting with The Young Ones.

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  • Live the life of the cat priest. Presumably he had a very full life before the other cats left, then he potters around as his species dies a bit before meeting his god just before dying really really happy.

  • I never actually picked up Beat The Geek at the time. But now that my kids are fully-fledged Red Dwarf fans and I’ve started to work my way through additional stuff like Smeg Ups/Outs with them, maybe Beat The Geek should be next.

    Also, a new episode with both Hollies would be great. Maybe have a face-swapping premise that would also allow for a few more guest stars to briefly play Holly too? (Best to check Bill Bailey’s availability and start from there.)

  • Thanks for doing my waffle guys! In addition I like how I also get credited with asking a question that wasn’t mine, especially as it was actually a much better question that my one! :D

    I’d probably live Spanners life, nothing flash but he seems to have it pretty sweet in all honesty

  • “The old Chelsea goalie from the ’20s…”

    It just shows how differently players are seen by Out-of-Towners. Fatty Foulke was a Blades legend, I’ve known about him since I was a kid. Yet he’s known by non-Sheffielders as ‘The old Chelsea goalie’, and, according to that there Wikipedia, he was only there a year. Fifty quid, he cost them.

    Meanwhile, Neville Southall. He once waddled past me in a bookshop in Cardiff. He’d put on a few pounds since his peak, alright.

  • I have every Big Finish story on my computer and I’m planning on listening to them all once I get through the books.

    Red Dwarf’s universe has one particular similarity with Doctor Who’s, and that’s the continual contradictions. They both manage to maintain some consistency for a while, and then when the plot requires, happily ignore huge swathes of past stories.

  • I’ve started babysitting my niece during weekdays and she is a massive Go Jetters fan and I’m really excited to listen to this episode now that I see a reference to Ubercorn in the show notes.

    When it’s the character introductions, I always hear: “Julie, Kyle, Boz and Boz.”

  • I know everyone loves to put on the rose tinted specs and bang on about how kids shows aren’t as good as they used to be, and how none of them have quality theme tunes like we used to get back in the day, and for the most part there’s probably some truth in that. But the Go Jetters theme is undeniably a banger!

  • I agree! Although trying to remember it just now my mind went “Hey Jetters, Go Jetters, Soul Jetters, Go Jetters.”

    Also, I can’t remember either theme tune, but Tik Tak is generally better than the Magic Roundabout, and Michael Palin is wonderful narrating the Clangers.

    I thought I’d never be able to share these opinions in an appropriate place. Thank God for Ganymede and Titan!

  • Ian, you claim to not be a Star Trek fan but the mask slips when you mention hiring the Maquis as security at 51:42. I appear to have rumbled you like the Emergency Medical Hologram revealed Seska’s true identity in the eleventh episode of the first season of Voyager, State of Flux. Perhaps during the next wafflemen you could recommend Star Trek episodes for me to get into the show, as I’ve never seen it but hear it’s a bit like the Red Dwarf episode Thanks for the Memory.

  • Ian, you claim to not be a Star Trek fan but the mask slips when you mention hiring the Maquis as security at 51:42.

    He was clearly talking about Paterson Joseph’s character from Neverwhere (1996) (the year Khan Noonien Singh was exiled from Earth, strangely not referenced in Voyager’s time-travelling two-parter ‘Future’s End’).

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