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Ain’t no joke, it’s plain to see. Smegle’s here for you and me.

When we launched The Smega-Drive it was obvious that having such a huge archive of categorised screenshots from the show would end up being useful in many other ways, we just weren’t exactly sure what they were. Well, since then some lucky bastard invented Wordle, which ended up being the next big thing in the world of online word games. Since then everyone and their mum (especially your mum) have been clamouring to copy its format (which is easy) and its success (which is not easy).

So, why shouldn’t we be any different? Well, we have no clear monetisation strategy but one out of two ain’t bad…

Play Smegle

The rules are simple. Guess which episode the given screenshot is from. You have 6 tries. If you succeed you can share your result for this particular screenshot on Twitter and deeply annoy absolutely every single one of your followers. You may have noticed that we’ve opted to not go for the ‘one puzzle per day’ format and instead just let you keep going until you get bored. This was done both for deeply held game design beliefs and… because it’s much easier to do it this way.

Have fun!

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