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This is a most unusual DwarfCast following a most unusual weekend for your intrepid G&T team. The three of us gathered together in the same place for this first and only time this year, and that place was Liverpool. The reason? Seb Patrick’s 40th birthday, and we weren’t going to let the small detail that he himself has passed on stop us from celebrating.

We wanted to share the festivities with some of the people who knew Seb, be they friends, family or just those who knew him through his work, in the Red Dwarf community and beyond. So join us for a somewhat experimental travelogue, taking in Danny’s first ever football experience, a trip to a certain Liverpudlian pub, a game of pool on a very important table and our first visit to Seb’s memorial bench at Crosby Beach. We promised to record a DwarfCast there if the petition was successful, and thanks to your help, it was.

DwarfCast 158 – Seb Patrick’s 40th (54.5MB)

We’re publishing this on #SebPatricksDay, so if you have any favourite memories of Seb and/or his work, be sure to tweet about them today using that hashtag. And if the last part of the podcast resonated with you in any way, do check the show notes for links you may find useful.

Cover photo by Jo Sharples. Music performed by Danny Stephenson.

Show notes

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  • You were a formidable foe in the Dimension Jump quiz for years Seb. Yes, we were big parts in separate sections of the Red Dwarf fandom back then. But we always managed to keep things civil & light for the most part on a one to one level. Those were the best days in RD for me they were competitively friendly. When life was simpler! 

    I’m sorry for how I acted on TOS. I’m sure I was a pain in the arse but that place quickly became toxic & I needed a way out. This might sound weird but I still think about you. Honestly. Even today. 

    Happy birthday big man!!

    “You can’t turn back the clock, you can’t turn back the tide

    Ain’t that a shame?I’d like to go back one time on a roller coaster rideWhen life was just a gameNo use in sitting and thinkin’ on what you didWhen you can lay back and enjoy it through your kidsSometimes it seems like latelyI just don’t knowBetter sit back and go with the flow.”

  • Seriously though, this was a lovely idea for a Dwarfcast and a nice tribute that I found rather poignant in general at the end. Great work guys.

  • Also, I hope we can see some more location-specific Travelogue Dwarfcasts in future. A Monopoly-board pub crawl? Rhyl beach? Fiji?

  • Thanks for putting this together, guys. A narrated trip to the real Aigburth Arms would be an excellent idea for a podcast on any day of the year, but this was the perfect occasion to do it.

    Also, we were all on the edges of our seats during the pool game, right?

  • This was lovely. I was certainly on the edge of my bed during the pool game, yeah. Reminded me of when I used to play in the Slug & Lettuce in Wimbledon on the weekends with my friends. I’m pretty isolated now, having moved a fair bit away. Hearing the noises in the pub got me all nostalgic and I wanted to leave this comment before the morning when I’ll probably be sober. Thanks for all you do, Ganymede and Titans. RIP Seb Patrick. 

  • That was a lovely podcast and tribute, equally funny and entertaining as it was sincere. Shall have to try a trip to the Aigburth Arms myself next time I’m in Liverpool!

  • Lovely stuff, not my words etc.

    This was a lovely tribute to Seb, who I never knew personally but whose work I appreciated so much over the years.

    And yes, we do now expect you to do a travelogue podcast from a freezing cold Rhyl beach whilst wearing your best summer gear or, if that sounds uncomfortable, we’ll accept you all being buried up to your necks in sand with jam smeared on your faces.

  • Great to hear the Aigburth Arms has reverted to its “true” name. I went there in 2013 when it was the Victoria, and as I recall the Aigburth area was quite a way out from the centre of Liverpool? Not sure I would have successfully found the place without being accompanied by a Scouser mate. When we asked about the plaque the bar staff had to move a big stack of chairs out of the way to reveal it, and I took a picture on my non-smart fliptop phone of the time with no regard for preserving it. So many thanks for the link to that photo, good to see the plaque again. And thanks for the shout-out about mental health as well. The combination of OCD and Covid has been no picnic. I never met Seb Patrick (never been involved in any organised Red Dwarf fan stuff myself) but it sounds like he was a great bloke.

  • I went there in 2013 when it was the Victoria, and as I recall the Aigburth area was quite a way out from the centre of Liverpool? Not sure I would have successfully found the place without being accompanied by a Scouser mate.

    Yeah, it’s the outskirts, and just about the opposite side of town to everywhere else we were that weekend. Thankfully, between 2013 and now, Uber has been invented.

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