1. EDITORIAL POLICY. There is no G&T editorial policy. G&T consists of three individuals, and half the time we don’t even agree with each other. Each article posted and comment made is the sole opinion of the person writing it, and is not to be interpreted as “what Ganymede & Titan thinks”. Visitors to the site should also note that front page articles and forum topics are very different things – each post in the forum, or comment left on an article, is also solely representative of the person who wrote it, not the site as a whole.

Furthermore, we don’t claim to speak for the whole of Red Dwarf fandom – quite the opposite, in fact, considering the site was initially set up to cover the things that nobody else in fandom cared about. And it should be perfectly obvious that we are completely unauthorised by, and unaffiliated with, Grant Naylor Productions, Baby Cow Productions, UKTV, The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club, or anyone else you care to mention.

2. FORUM/COMMENT RULES. Don’t be a dick. That’s it – that’s the only rule. Say what you like, with whatever language you like, but if we think you’re being a dick, we reserve the right to, firstly, tell you you’re being a dick, and in extreme cases lock threads, delete posts, or fuck you off all together. In practice, we could probably count on two hands the number of times we’ve had to intervene in the site’s history, so let’s just keep it that way by not being dicks.

3. RIGHTS POLICY. By submitting a comment or a forum post, you grant Ganymede & Titan the right to host that comment or forum post indefinitely, but you retain your own rights to the content. Anything that we post to the site can be quoted or reproduced freely, providing it’s not for profit, and with appropriate credit/links.

4. SPOILER POLICY. When the show is in production, we implement a spoiler policy from the start of filming until the end of broadcast. It doesn’t currently apply, but fingers crossed it will again.