Yes, the unbelievably long-overdue documentary about this very special piece of television history has finally been released on DVD!

Headed by Rich Lawden (known as P2P Productions around these parts) and Lesley Manning, the original director of Ghostwatch, Behind The Curtains is a 90-minute exploration of the Screen One drama that sparked a furore that spread through the BBC and beyond.
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Yes, TOS have updated with details of what we’re going to be getting in our letterboxes on or around November 19th (or not if you didn’t pre-order them, you lazy bastards)…

The menus look amazing, obviously, as we’ve come to expect, but of particular noteĀ is the lack of episode commentaries, galleries or Goodall’s isolated music cues which is quite a shame, but on the other hand we do have ‘We’re Smegged’, Nathan Cubitt’s near 2-hour behemoth documentary “with teeth” on the making of the series, so we can’t complain really.

It’s nice when a composer of a TV show releases varying arrangements of their themes. What’s that? Howard Goodall’s done exactly that? Well, bugger me so he has!

Yes, Howard “he’s just so bloody” Goodall has released piano arrangements of his own music from Dwarf on iTunes, namely the ‘Main Theme’ and ‘Tongue Tied’ which you can download for the modest price of 79p each.

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Well well well! Hasn't today been exciting? First we get our first official glimpse of the crew in situ, then we then get a very brief mention into what Howard Goodall is currently upto:

@HowardGoodall: Just received my first rough cuts of the new Red Dwarf series, looking forward to viewing and putting some music on them. Kipper-time!

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