High & Low: Books

Red Dwarf is blessed with a good number of tie in books, both official and unofficial, but not quite *enough* to have any tension over which will be included or not included in a list such as this. As such, they’re pretty much all here, but since it’s been a while since we’ve talked about any of them in any great details we thought it would be worth taking stock of the pulped tree based tie-ins and sort out the good from the garbage. As always this is just my opinion and, to be perfectly honest, I’ve taken more than a few liberties with the ordering anyway so don’t let it worry you too much.

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Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm is GO(ING TO BE MADE)!

Explosion concept artExiting news for fans of Gerry Anderson, puppets, models and big bastard explosions as the aforementioned Kickstarter for Firestorm is STORMING towards the funding date after not only reaching its target but securing two stretch goals. On top of the base minisode that is now already entering pre-production, we’re also getting a whole extra set and scene and, to the undoubted delight of a certain Mike Tucker, “A HUGE EXPLOSION”.  If I was a betting man I would put money on that explosion being closely and devastatingly related to that tasty new set…

Since there’s still 9 days left to pledge, it’s more than a little likely that the third goal will be met, providing funds for a new puppet and if something remarkable happens, and a further £69,000 is pledged in that time, then we can look forward to a full 22 minute episode.  I think what we’ve learnt here is that this stuff is severely expensive, so if you want to see more Firestorm then don’t be as tight as Rimmer would be in this situation!!!!!1

DwarfCast 58 – Terrorform Commentary

Fans of how Robert Llewellyn pronounces “terror” rejoice as our critical DwarfCasting eyes have finally fallen on the mildly underrated series V episode Terrorform. Join television’s Ian Symes, Sweden’s Danny Stephenson and disappointment’s Jonathan Capps as they discuss Kryten’s metaphor hunt, Chris Barrie’s slippery pliance, uneven leg joints and, as a special ‘treat’, the remaining deleted scenes from the Series V DVD.

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DwarfCast 56 – Confidence & Paranoia Commentary

It seems almost every DwarfCast we put out at the moment comes with us apologising for the delays at the beginning. This particular recording comes from only a few months ago, though, so we’re getting closer to a sensible schedule. As Ian noted in the last DwarfCast post, this represents the first series we’ve completed in the seven years we’ve been doing these stupid commentaries (save for Back to Earth, but shush) so it’s a little bit of a milestone. Consequently, we took the opportunity to have a bit of a post-commentary chat on series 1 in general to wrap things up and generally get back into the swing of this ‘talking about Red Dwarf’ lark.

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DwarfCast 54 – Future Echoes Commentary

Yes, the least reliable Red Dwarf podcast in the universe is BACK. Brilliant. We return once more to the realm of episode commentaries by going almost back to the beginning for Future Echoes. Does it justify its reputation as an all time classic? Is there a pre-determination paradox at play? What’s the deal with the light above Lister’s bunk? Join us as we fail to answer these questions and more, with G&T regulars Ian Symes and Danny Stephenson joined by very ordinary guests Jezzmund Tutu, Rich Lawden and Tom Pyott.

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DwarfCast 53 – Timeslides / Backwards Forwards Commentary

It’s DwarfCast time once again, and this time we’re dusting off another commentary recorded on the anniversary weekend, spruced up a bit by a more recent, and possibly ill-advised, commentary on the DVD extra Backwards Forwards. Rejected options for the bonus extra for this ‘cast was Hattie’s DJ Diary, and 20 minutes of bitter, teary complaints about the broken menu on Disc 2. I think we chose wisely.

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James at Last!

Well, this is quite the nice curio for your Friday morning. Somewhere among the fan-fic, Rimmer/Lister gifs and weirdly out of date pictures of the Trojan premiere that make up the Red Dwarf Tumblr tag, a chap called Kyle (grayk85) has posted a clip of the ‘Copacabana’ scene from Terrorform. What makes this especially interesting, however, is that the clip comes from the original 1992 airing and so features the oft discussed James Last version of the piece, which had to be replaced for all future repeats and home releases because reasons.

Kyle’s post features a version where he’s pasted the audio over the DVD footage, but since this is G&T and we’re horrible, pedantic TWATS, we’re going to embed the original, low quality, rip below the jump. ENJOY THIS MOMENTOUS DISCOVERY.

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DwarfCast 52 – Pete Commentary

Get out your map, identify the nearest hill, and bloodly well run for it because G&T are doing a Red Dwarf VIII commentary and that shit’s never pretty. In previous years the Krytie TV commentary decended into a pathetic, drunken argument, and the commentary for Cassandra was so soul crushingly depressing that we never even bothered releasing it.

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Kryten to do a thing

So, starting on the 4th August, YouTube will be launching Geek Week, spotlighting all manner of geeky things including, most notably, a one-off new episode of Knightmare which is sure to be good.

More pertinently for us, however, is that Kryten is to be unceremoniously ripped from the Red Dwarf universe and “will act as a daily host pointing viewers to new videos”.  As far as I can tell there’s no word on who will be writing Kryten’s dialogue, but I imagine it will cover topics such as cleaning, cleaning and cleaning.

The whole thing is being produced by ChannelFlip, who have also been responsible Our Bobby’s web series Carpool and The MoWer.

EDIT: So this has all started now, and Kryten’s daily introduction videos have actually turned out to be quite good, as has Geek Week itself.  As revealed in Seb’s big TOS on Friday these videos are written by Robert Llewellyn (The Joeys, The Corner House, Beyond a Joke) and directed (and presumably also co-written) by Doug Naylor (Pushing Up Daisies, Over to Bill, Beyond a Joke).

Here, have some handy fucking links why not:

  1. Kryten’s Picks for Blockbuster Sunday
  2. Kryten’s Picks for Global Geekery Monday
  3. Kryten’s Picks for Brainiac Tuesday
  4. Kryten’s Picks for Super Wednesday
  5. Kryten’s Picks for Gaming Thursday
  6. Kryten’s Picks for Fan Friday
  7. Kryten’s Picks for Best of Saturday