A Dwarf and Cock Story

You know, rewatching Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story last night, I finally realized that that’s Olaf Petersen himself, Mark Williams, playing the “authentic 18th century battle historian.”

He sure has gotten pudgy…it was the nose that gave it away. Did anyone else even know he was in this movie? He has a small part (bad pun, but they use it in the movie…) but I have to admit he’s one of the film’s highlights. Which I say in a totally non-ironic way.

His photo also made it to the back of the DVD. So good for him.

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Red, Red Worms

I picked up a used copy of Worms 3D for Gamecube a few weeks ago…been playing it constantly with my roommates since. In addition to being a very fun game, a few of the “random” names for computerized opponents are…

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Getting to the Bottom of Chloe Annett

No, not that bottom; a bit further down. Further. Further. Further still. Yes, it’s a shrine to Chloë Annett’s feet. http://www.hitwgang.com/content/a/annett_chloe/chloe_annett.htm Not that I particularly expect this to appeal to anybody here, but it’s the only “interesting” thing about the…

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Wes Anderson: models or CGI?

The Life Aquatic has received double-DVD treatment (as it well deserves), and it has something very wonderful included as a bonus feature that goes a long way to further the model cause. It’s a 15 min documentary (way too short,…

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Rimmer reads Pynchon?

Dr. Shoenmaker, plastic surgeon, discusses how his occupation can alter an individual, but not a species: […] Am I altering that grand unbroken chain, no. I am not going against nature, I am not selling out any Jews. Individuals do…

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