Free shipping on The Garbage Pod!

Alright, folks. We still have some stuff to cover on the fallout of the DJ announcement, so that’ll be on the way soon (I know – updates from G&T? Crazy) – but in the meantime, just wanted to draw the attention of those who didn’t see it in the comments thread to this EXCELLENT DEAL whereby until the end of the month you can get FREE SHIPPING on our book The Garbage Pod by using the code APRILMAILUK305 at the checkout. This is actually a really good deal – the book costs a fiver, but shipping is another few quid, so you’re making a big saving if you go for it NOW. Linky here.

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Hard to believe it’s almost two years since Headfuck Monday, isn’t it? But, while we’re a long, long way from such things occurring yet again, today has at least given us cause to suspect that the next twelve months are going to see Dwarf news a-plenty – and with reports coming out from one source before being not-undenied by another, we’re getting those first shivers of excitement as word starts to spread and threaten to overtake us. Let’s stop, then, and recap.

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I’m Not With Andrew

I’d always assumed that Red Dwarf associate (or should that be “exec“?) producer Andrew Ellard spent his entire life immersed in the show, even when it wasn’t being made. I’ve always had this picture of him sitting at his desk, watching the DVDs over and over again, occasionally having a chat with Doug, and just counting down the days until Friday so that he could post news items on the official site.

But it turns out that no. That perception is a good few years out of date. Because Andrew actually has an entire non-Dwarfy CAREER as a writer and somewhat renowned script editor, a career that’s just yielded a radio sitcom pilot that you can download for free RIGHT NOW.

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