Just a quick one to bring you a bit of news that for the majority of the last two decades we’d leave to TOS and/or @RedDwarfHQ to cover, but now that Red Dwarf‘s sole official news outlet is apparently Doug’s Twitter feed, here’s something he’s unlikely to report on. The British Film Institute are having a season on time travel, and they’ve got the old Quarantine Commentaries team of Rob Grant, Paul Jackson and Ed Bye back together for a screening of Backwards followed by a Q&A. Robert Llewellyn is joining the gang too, and it’s a double bill with an episode of Timewasters. The event takes place on Sunday 5th November (so remember remember that date), and tickets go on sale in… ooh, just under an hour and a half.

Hot on the tails of Red Dwarf returning to its mother channel’s bosom via iPlayer, today’s weekly release of the television schedules sees the news that The End is to be repeated on BBC Two at 10pm on Friday 25th August. It’s not yet clear whether this is a one-off, or the start of a full repeat run of at least the first series – BBC Two has been giving classic comedies both of these treatments recently. We’ll find out this time next week whether Future Echoes will follow. Either way, it’s nice to see the show getting this treatment in its 35th anniversary year. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we get a full 1994-style run though, including the Dave era?

Thanks to cwickham for drawing our attention to this. He’s going to have to update his BBC broadcast guide now.

Yesterday, Doug Naylor updated his Twitter to say that an announcement was coming, and sure enough, at one minute past midnight, the BBC published a press release to say that all twelve series of Red Dwarf, plus The Promised Land, are coming to BBC iPlayer. This is great news for the show, with the exposure that comes from having your boxset front and centre on one of the UK's biggest streaming platforms, free to access and free from ads. And it's really significant that the Dave era is included too; it's not entirely unprecedented, and not surprising given the links between UKTV and the BBC, but it's a rare treat to see shows that originated on other channels appearing on iPlayer.

However, now that the episodes have turned up, there's a problem.

Updated with a quote from the BBC below

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Just a few short weeks ago, we had all but given up hope that this day would come. And yet here we are - following the promising yet inconclusive joint anniversary message from Rob and Doug, we have a brand new statement from the pair, and it's exactly what we wanted to hear.

Rob Grant and Doug Naylor are delighted to announce that the ongoing dispute over the Red Dwarf rights has been resolved.

Moving onwards and upwards Rob and Doug hope to launch separate iterations of Red Dwarf across various media, working again with the cast and other valued partners, and wish each other the very best.

Smoke a kipper, Red Dwarf will be back for breakfast!!

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Some breaking news for you – a message has been released by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor. Yes, both of them. Together.

To fans, cast and crew and everything in between, a very smeggy 35th birthday. Fingers crossed for more. Much love Rob and Doug

There is certainly a lot to discuss, so head on over to our Coral Canvass Livestream Spectacular right now, for all the reaction to this and today’s poll results, plus a lovely game of the wholly original Red Dwarf quiz Clochebusters!

I bring very exciting news. You know Wrinkles? The radio sitcom written by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor, which ran for two series in 1980 and 1981? The one that starred Ballard Berkeley from Fawlty Towers and David Ross from Kryten, White Hole and Mechocracy? The one that is missing from the archives and has never been repeated in the four decades since it was originally broadcast?

Well, it's being repeated on BBC Radio 4 Extra on Thursdays at 10:30pm.

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I’m sorry everyone, but this is a bad one. Over the last week we have lost Phil Reed, our friend and former writer on Noise to Signal, Observation Dome and here on G&T.

Nintendo Life, a former writing haunt for Phil, tweeted the news originally and the gaming channel for which he worked, Triple Jump, are running charity streams in his memory and in aid of an organisation that was close to his heart – The Trevor Project, an LGBTQ youth charity and something that is increasingly vital in this awful, garbage fire of a world. If you feel moved to do so you can donate either through their campaign or in your own way.

For any G&T geriatrics among you Phil will need no introduction, but over the last 20 or so years he has been a friend and colleague to many in our community. Personally, I first got know Phil during the old Observation Dome and Noise to Signal days and he’s been a constant if sporadic presence here on the site since. He was a warm and talented writer and an exceptionally funny person. For those wanting to sample his work over the years, the best place for his more recent writing is Noiseless Chatter (fair content warning: Phil says goodbye personally in his last post so click with caution if you are understandably not up to reading it) and there’s more besides that, but I’ll use the comments section to point you to some of my favourites from back in the day.

We are sorry to once again be the bearers of awful news. G&T is a community of great people and we’ve lost a huge amount recently. Remember, if any of you need help then please seek it out – either professionally with a service such as The Samaritans or amongst your friends here. Take care, everyone.

Just a quick one to inform you that everyone’s favourite trio of loquacious lockdown live-streamers are back at it tonight. Rob Grant, Paul Jackson and Ed Bye are taking part in a live Red Dwarf themed Q&A and quiz on YouTube at 7pm GMT tonight. Hosted by Kevin Durham, the event is in aid of Richard’s House Children’s Hospice, and donations are being accepted here.

Here’s the link to the YouTube stream, or you can watch it right here, assuming this embed works:

In a blaze of absolutely bugger all publicity, we’re excited to note that the first full series of The Nether Regions starts tonight at 11pm on BBC Radio 4. Written by Rob Grant and Andrew Marshall of Quanderhorn fame (and I believe they may have had some involvement in other sitcoms too), it’s a sketch show in the form of a Twilight Zone spoof, which is not only penned by everyone’s favourite relatively-new-comedy-writing-partnership-comprised-of-people-previously-associated-with-other-writing-partnerships, but stars them too, alongside Helen Cripps, Edward Rowett and Holly Morgan. And as per Quanderhorn, it’s produced by Hudzen 10 himself, the brilliant Gordon Kennedy.

If you missed the pilot way back in 2019, or need a refresher given that it’s been approximately eighteen years since the heady days of 2019, it’s been archived here. And don’t worry if you’re not awake and in the vicinity of a wireless during the prime time transmission slot tonight, as it will be available on BBC Sounds or the show’s BBC programmes page immediately after broadcast. And when you’ve listened, let us know what you reckon on this very thread, which will serve as your Let’s Talk About for the whole four-episode series.