“An enormous amount of Krytens”

Those with slightly longer memories will recall that, at DJ last year, Doug mentioned that he was planning an episode where “everyone was Kryten” causing much excitement/hand-wringing/wailing and gnashing of teeth (delete as appropriate) from fandom. Now, in an interview conducted at MCM Liverpool, two chaps by the name of Robert Llewellyn and Danny John-Jules have pretty much confirmed that this episode exists. There’s no going back now…

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John’s Newsround – 6/03/16

Ellie Crisell on the Newsround setYo. Welcome to the first John’s Newsround for very nearly five years. Let’s see if I can remember how to do this shit, shall we? Some of the stuff that’s happened over the past week:

THE LAST RECORDING: Last Sunday, Robert Llewellyn posted a little update about the final episode of Red Dwarf XII, in which he reveals that at the time of writing, the cast hadn’t actually seen a final script yet. (The readthrough ended up happening on Tuesday.) Speculation below then, as to whether this is an unusual state of affairs for Red Dwarf or not, although seeing as both The Last Day and Out of Time were late scripts, it’s also debatable whether it even matters. I’m far too busy wondering about why the update was posted on Robert’s Fully Charged site rather than his main blog. And where did his main website go, anyway? Face it: you’ve missed me talking about anything other than the main fucking point, haven’t you?

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It’ll be an extra five days…

…until the last recording of Red Dwarf XII. Ticket holders for episode six have been sent the following message from Doug, via Lost In TV:


We’re so sorry to have to do this, but due to circumstances out of our control, we’re going to have to move the live audience recording of the final episode of Red Dwarf Series XII to Wednesday 9th March 2016.

Unfortunately 2 of our cast members suffered illnesses earlier in the filming block, meaning we lost 3 days of filming. There are so many elements to coordinate when filming a complicated show like Red Dwarf that it’s extremely difficult to pick up lost filming days within a schedule. As it’s transpired, because of availability of guest cast amongst a plethora of other reasons, the only way to bring all those elements back again and film the scenes we need to film, is to pick up those lost days on the 2nd-4th March; meaning we have to move the recording of the final show to the week after.

I know a lot of audience tickets have already been allocated for Friday 4th March, and I know many of you will be disappointed, but we hope that you can all join us on Wednesday 9th March instead. If you are unable to, we’ll make sure you’re absolutely first on the list for audience tickets for any future series. We’re so sorry to let you down, but we know you deserve two brilliant brand new series’, and in order to achieve that as best we can, we’ve had to make this difficult decision.

Yours Sincerely,
Doug Naylor

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It’s Been 3 Days…

…since we rounded up some sneaky set pictures that have been tweeted ahead of the studio audience recording of Red Dwarf XII episode four. Blimey, episode four of six, or ten of twelve overall – we’re past halfway on this particular series, and in the last quarter of this mega production block. As usual, information on this week’s installment is thin on the ground, other than the fact that behind-the-scenes documentarian Nathan Cubitt has been “on location” with his fat lens and focus marks.

We’re therefore grateful to Craig Charles for his increasingly lax attitude towards his non-disclosure agreement. Three more tiny set teasers have been tweeted forth since our last update, starting with a new look at something Craig originally tweeted back in November

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Boards and Walls

It’s been a bumper few days over on Twitter, so much so that we’ve been moved to collate it all together even at this early point in the week. Join me after the jump for a look at a storyboard and upwards of TWO pictures of some walls.

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It’s Been 6 Days…

…of arguing about whether or not episode two was shit, so let’s turn our attentions to episode three of Red Dwarf XII, which has its studio audience recording tonight. As has been the case more often than not this year, we know very little about what to expect, but there have been a handful of teasery tweets.

Richard says that the read through was great, but the episode is still “insanely difficult to make“, while script editor Andrew Ellard ranks it as one of his favourites, teasing that it’s “pretty out there, in ways akin to a past divisive ep”. That could mean practically anything, but let’s hope it’s akin to the Meltdown kind of divisive episode, rather than your Krytie TV type. Either way, our set report will be along at the weekend, hopefully with yet another exciting new format, if it all works out.

In other news, if you’d like to attend the recording of episode five in two weeks’ time, the Fan Club have launched a competition that may interest you, on Facebook and Twitter. We look forward to seeing your amusing faces. And if you do manage to get tickets to that recording or any other, would you consider volunteering to help out with our set reports? If so, get in touch.

It’s Been 7 Days…

… since the first episode of Red Dwarf XII was recorded in front of an audience and today, you guessed it, it’s the turn of the second and we’re already well into the territory of shamelessly reusing these post titles, URL purists be damned.

While I’m aware it’s likely you good people will correct me if I’m wrong, it seems a sum total of fuck all has been communicated about the illusive 12.2 over the last week. No leaked guest stars, no illicit set photos, no nothing, with the exception of the confirmation that these four actors will feature heavily in the episode.

Another thing we know is that Ray Peacock – comedian and long time warm-up man for the Dave-era series – will not be present tonight, but he promises “another little treat” for the audience. Speaking of Ray, his RHLSTP (RHLSTP!) episode went up this week, in which Red Dwarf gets a mention at the beginning.

Join us over the weekend as we will have another guest set report, which will hopefully shed some light on what the “little treat” might be, as well as addressing the trifling matter of the episode itself.

BREAKING NEWS EDIT: In the last few minutes this photo has been leaked from the set. We’ll have more as it comes.

It’s Been 42 Days…

…since Red Dwarf XI filmed its final episode, and today Red Dwarf XII will be filming its first. It’s the shortest gap between the recording of two series by quite some margin, obviously.

The production itself started ramping up last week, however, and it seems the model builds are well under way, with a new Red Dwarf bigature and a new Starbug build progressing apace. We’ve also had the now regular pleasure of learning of a new guest star early AND a fat production spoiler, all wrapped up in one, now deleted, tweet.  Speaking of guest stars, Linda Glover has highlighted the fact that she is good at her job by teasing us about another great guest cast line-up.

After our last two set reports provided by G&T members, we’re once again reverting back to the reliance on guest reporters. It’s our own fault for forgetting the secret handshake, really. Report back at the weekend for our set report summary article, as Red Dwarf XII starts to take actual, factual shape.


UPDATE: The tweet and photo have now been deleted from Naomi’s Twitter, thus meaning the image can never be viewed again by anyone. Unless you look in the comments.

To Red Dwarf cast members and UKTV executives alike, NDAs are apparently just things that other people have to worry about. After last year’s deeply blue sneak peek at the new Starbug cockpit, actress, and presumably guest actor, Naomi Sheldon has taken time out from her busy cuddle campaign duties, to give us a better look at the ‘bug’s shiny new set.

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