David Bowie RIP

A hell of a lot will be written about David Bowie in the coming days. I don’t feel remotely qualified to add to it; I’m a fan, but far from a scholar. And yet I feel that Ganymede & Titan should mark his passing in some way, despite it being far beyond the remit of a Red Dwarf fansite. But then again, it’s hard to think of a single piece of popular culture from the last forty-odd years that hasn’t been influenced by Bowie in some way. And there are a handful of tenuous Bowie/Dwarf connections…

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It’s Been 35 Days…

…since Red Dwarf XI‘s first studio audience recording. Tonight sees its last. G&T will be there, and our set report will be along on Saturday. Literally nobody got in touch with requests for specific non-spoilery information, so speak now or forever stfu.

But what are we expecting from this final episode? Well, Doug says that they’ve “never had anything quite like this before”, and that one of the guest sets “runs the length of the studio”, while #happydp Ed Moore says that it’s “at its insanely-ambitious best”. This is very exciting – it sounds like we’re in for something special, one way or another.

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It’s the cockpit, dummy

It’s truly commendable how the hundreds of eager Red Dwarf fans who attend audience recordings every week manage to keep the show’s secrets safe, in compliance with their hero Doug Naylor’s wishes. The same cannot be said for the cast. In another tweet-that-may-soon-be-deleted, Robert Llewellyn has provided a picture of the cast and crew watching today’s rocket launch on the set:

It doesn’t take much guessing to figure out which particular set this is, particularly in conjunction with this tweet from Ed Moore. Frustratingly for us fans, but probably much to the relief of the production, it doesn’t show a great deal of detail, what with it being taken from an angle that’s unlikely to be used too often on-screen. But those are some lovely panels and instruments, eh?

Not sure about the product placement of that iPad, though – seems totally out of place in my opinion.

It’s Still 2 Days…

…until Red Dwarf has its next studio audience recording, but a) nobody seems to give a shit about our Friday morning posts this time round, and b) quite a bit of interesting news has emerged in the last couple of days. Rest assured that our set report will be arriving on Saturday, hopefully a little earlier in the day than normal and possibly done slightly differently to normal. But in the meantime, an intriguing nugget has emerged from Robert Llewellyn’s latest Periscope (link only valid until Thursday morning, disposable media fans):

They’re on air next year. We spoke to someone from UKTV last night, so… the sort of September-ish of 2016, and then January-ish of 2017.

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It’s Been 21 Days…

…of having to think of things that it’s been a certain number of days since, and frankly it’s becoming a chore.

Yes, tonight’s the night of the fourth Red Dwarf XI recording over at Pinewood. What do we know about episode four? Well, the pre-records have been “bizarre sounding”, there might be a big chair, and they’ll be using microphones. Related to that last one, we learned that somebody on the production thinks Robert Llewellyn plays “Kryton”.

Hopefully, we’ll have slightly more information than that in our set report, which will be arriving on Saturday or Sunday. See you then…


Well, our spoiler policy states that if the cast post something dodgy on social media, it’s fair game. Earlier today, Danny John-Jules tweeted a series of images of each of the four main cast members displaying a little red badge, which reads “#Smileism”. Not many people will have seen these, as Danny posted them as replies to some guy, hence us only spotting them after ten hours. Now, I don’t know what #Smileism is, and frankly, I don’t much care. These pictures offer tiny glimpses of some of the main characters’ costumes for Series XI. There’s a high likelihood that they’ll be taken down at some point, so we’ve embedded the pictures below. So if you want to avoid all spoilers, look away now…

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It’s Been 15 Days…

…since we did a roundup of slightly spoilery things spotted on social media, so let’s combine one of those with the usual “ooh, there’s a recording tonight” post. Let’s get that stuff out the way first: episode three records tonight, we won’t be there but there are correspondents in the field, set report coming this weekend. Probably on the Sunday rather than the Saturday this time, but I’m sure you’ll cope.

Anyway, over on Twitter, we spotted this intriguing tweet:

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It’s Been 1,428 Days…

…since a second episode in a series of Red Dwarf had a studio audience recording. Well, they’re back at it from 6pm tonight.

We were going to use these weekly posts as a way of rounding up all the Dwarf-related titbits from the past seven days, but, well, there’s not been much. Maybe the cast and crew have been asked to rein the teasers in, or maybe they’re all just too busy, as moaned about by Robert Llewellyn. If you spot anything interesting, or if there’s something we’ve missed, do post it in the comments on this piece. Standard spoiler policy reminder goes here.

Still, Robert did find time to write a short blog post, on Google Plus of all fucking places, so there’s that. Plus, there’s a Guardian article about the show in general, which despite confusing the novels and the show, and neglecting to acknowledge the existence of anything made after 1999, is actually quite good. The tone is genuinely enthusiastic and positive, and they go to great lengths to emphasise that the laughter was not canned, which makes a pleasant change.

But anyway, yes – Red Dwarf XI episode two is being recording tonight. We’ll have another cobbled together set report over the weekend, thanks to our two top secret ticket-wielding agents. We’re covered for this week, but are you going to one of the other ten? If so, please get in touch if you’d like to help document a very minor piece of history.

It’s Been 1,386 Days…

…since Red Dwarf had a studio audience recording. Well, they’re back at it from 6pm tonight.

This time, G&T won’t be there, despite being part of a shady cabal that secretly controls the world of Red Dwarf, but thanks to some secret agents in the field, we’re hoping to have some form of cobbled together set report up over the weekend. Until then, please use the comments on this article to post any interesting tit-bits you’ve spotted on social media, whilst of course remaining mindful of the spoiler policy.

By the way, are you or someone you know going to this recording? Or any other recording? If so, and if you wouldn’t mind jotting down a few thoughts over the weekend afterwards, do get in touch.

In other, wholly unrelated, news, we noticed that our YouTube channel was far too barren to justify its new shiny button, but we liked the button, so we’ve chucked all the videos from our dusty Downloads section into a handful of playlists. All hail the button.

You know what? It’s weird. Despite all the official confirmation, the unofficial social media teasers, and the fact that everyone’s been banging on about audience tickets for two months now, Red Dwarf XI and XII still don’t feel real. They don’t feel tangible. I’ve a feeling that will all change within the next 24 hours…

What’s in it for them, sleeping in the medical unit?

Doug Naylor has always been extremely cautious about Red Dwarf spoilers getting out before broadcast. Which is why it’s a surprising move for him to tweet a picture of one of the sets, the night before the first audience recording.

It shows Danny and Craig pulling faces it what looks like a medical unit. Could this be part of the new Science Room set that Doug previously tweeted about? It certainly looks that way, and furthermore it looks vaguely Series IV-ish, mixed with the shade of grey we saw in Back To Earth.

When even Doug Naylor is tweeting teasers, you know we’re in for a lot of information in the coming days…