Bobby Llew strikes again

Oh, Robert Llewellyn. You are a one man gun-jumping machine. Of course, we’re all of us – production and fans alike – 99% sure that an eleventh series will happen. Doug wants to do it, the cast wants to do it and UKTV want to do it – Doug said as much at Dimension Jump back in May. But it’s at this point that we feel the need to clarify that nothing has been made official yet. And as usual, it’s a leaky cast member that’s made us clarify this.

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Sitcom with tiny Robert Llewellyn role justifies G&T news post

Yes, this is clearly just a plug for a project that a couple of the G&T staff and many of our friends are involved in. If that offends you, look away now.

Still here? Good. Because we want you to go and download A Brief History of Time Travel, a radio-sit-com-but-on-the-internet, written by James Hunt and’s Seb Patrick. Starring Joanna Elliot, Jon Shaw, Henry Imbert and G&T’s very own Ian Symes, who is easily the best one in it. Furthermore, also on the credits are sound designer Danny Stephenson from G&T/Sweden, regular guest star Xander Newsome from off of Gazpacho Soup, and the extra special guest star, across all six episodes, is one Robert Llewellyn. He was in that old sitcom with the big spaceship and he had a funny head.

It’s available to buy now. I know that “paying for stuff” and “the internet” are often strange bedfellows, but this is worth it.  It’s a completely independent venture (and how many audio sitcoms can you name that weren’t made by the BBC?), that’s been run to a professional standard throughout, and if we want independent voices to get themselves heard, this is exactly the type of project that deserves our support. Plus, it’s cheap as fuck. You can get the full series of 6x 30-40 minute episodes for £7, or you can get the complete package with a shedload of extras for £11. This includes a 20-odd minute audio spin-off for each episode (with deleted scenes, ramblings from the writers and interviews with the cast) and a massive 400-page book that’s packed with just about every single scrap of detail you could possibly want from the series.

Basically, we don’t ask you for much. But all of us at G&T really want this to be a success, so if you want to make us happy, you’ll go and give A Brief History Of Time Travel a try.

Kryten to do a thing

So, starting on the 4th August, YouTube will be launching Geek Week, spotlighting all manner of geeky things including, most notably, a one-off new episode of Knightmare which is sure to be good.

More pertinently for us, however, is that Kryten is to be unceremoniously ripped from the Red Dwarf universe and “will act as a daily host pointing viewers to new videos”.  As far as I can tell there’s no word on who will be writing Kryten’s dialogue, but I imagine it will cover topics such as cleaning, cleaning and cleaning.

The whole thing is being produced by ChannelFlip, who have also been responsible Our Bobby’s web series Carpool and The MoWer.

EDIT: So this has all started now, and Kryten’s daily introduction videos have actually turned out to be quite good, as has Geek Week itself.  As revealed in Seb’s big TOS on Friday these videos are written by Robert Llewellyn (The Joeys, The Corner House, Beyond a Joke) and directed (and presumably also co-written) by Doug Naylor (Pushing Up Daisies, Over to Bill, Beyond a Joke).

Here, have some handy fucking links why not:

  1. Kryten’s Picks for Blockbuster Sunday
  2. Kryten’s Picks for Global Geekery Monday
  3. Kryten’s Picks for Brainiac Tuesday
  4. Kryten’s Picks for Super Wednesday
  5. Kryten’s Picks for Gaming Thursday
  6. Kryten’s Picks for Fan Friday
  7. Kryten’s Picks for Best of Saturday

Dimension Jump XVII is HERE

And has been for nearly 24 hours now. Hey, what better time for G&T to go through one of its frequent periods of non-activity than during the biggest event in the Red Dwarf calendar – and the biggest DJ for bloody years?

Luckily, we’re not completely dead. Follow the G&T Twitter feed for as many updates from the convention as I can frantically tap out with my sweaty unpleasant fingers – and it’s also worth following the TORDFC Dimension Jump account. We should be doing a DwarfCast on Sunday to round up the convention, if we haven’t all done a Norman Wisdom. Can’t believe they let these two idiots anywhere near the running of the convention, though.

Anyway, must dasharoonie – there’s a blow-up doll doing the rounds. I believe it’s my turn.

Ghostwatch: Behind The Curtains Released!


Yes, the unbelievably long-overdue documentary about this very special piece of television history has finally been released on DVD!

Headed by Rich Lawden (known as P2P Productions around these parts) and Lesley Manning, the original director of Ghostwatch, Behind The Curtains is a 90-minute exploration of the Screen One drama that sparked a furore that spread through the BBC and beyond.
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Live Silver Anniversary Dwarfcast! Friday 15th February, 9pm

Well, I’ve rather spent my load by putting everything in the title, really. Nevertheless, please be excited by our attempt to honour the twenty-fifth anniversary of Red Dwarf‘s first broadcast with a LIVE RADIO EXTRAVAGANZA. Myself, Cappsy, John, Tanya and Danny will all be together in one room, joined by special guests Seb Patrick from and Jo Sharples and Jezzmund Tutu from The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club. It’s all going to start at 9pm on Friday night – twenty five years to the VERY SECOND that The End first hit our screens. Once again, the show will be streamed live on our Spreaker page – the link will appear at around 8:45pm there, here and on our Twitter page.

As ever, we want to hear from you idiots – we’ll be responding to tweets and comments throughout the show, but we’re particularly interested in listening to your stupid voices this time round. Our Skype lines will be open to take your comments and questions, and absolutely anyone is welcome to call in at any time. Just add ‘ianiansymes’ on Skype between now and Friday, and you’re guaranteed the chance to tell us directly how much you think we’re dicks.

We don’t have much of an agenda or running order, so please come up with some good questions or discussion topics to throw our way – this is a celebration of all aspects of Red Dwarf, so we’d love to delve into the minutiae of things we rarely get a chance to talk about. One thing we will definitely be discussing is the Ganymede & Titan Silver Survey – the results of which will be published bright and early on Friday morning. Find out once and for all just how much everyone hates Pete (Part Two).

Doug Naylor could well be possibly writing something down about Series XI, maybe

When a piece of news a) comes from the overexcited mouth of Danny John-Jules and b) is then reported earnestly by the reputable website Digital Spy, then you know to take everything you read with ALL THE SALT IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, but we’ve not posted anything new in a few days, so what the hell.  Danny has mentioned (apparently directly to Digital Spy) that Doug is writing outlines for series XI.  Or possibly entire scripts, he’s not really clear on that point.

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Let’s Talk About We’re Smegged

…and indeed the deleted scenes, smeg ups and anything else relating to the Red Dwarf X Bluray/DVD release. It’s in the shops from Monday, but those of you who were able to pre-order from reputable online retailers should have had them shoved up your letterbox at some point today.

Our full and massive review will be appearing within the next couple of days, but in the meantime, you can use this thread as a place to dump your thoughts. Be warned, though – if you’ve not pre-ordered, or you’re an American or something daft like that, this will contain spoilers for the massive documentary. We’ve seen it. It is good.

A Brief History of Cross-Promotion

You know how we always post front page news stories about every little project a member of the Red Dwarf cast is involved in? And how we always talk in enthusiastic detail about forthcoming sci-fi/comedy shows that claim to be influenced by Dwarf? Well, we just wanted to let you all know about A Brief History of Time Travel – a forthcoming audio sitcom series that stars Robert Llewellyn as The Narrator.

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Yes, TOS have updated with details of what we’re going to be getting in our letterboxes on or around November 19th (or not if you didn’t pre-order them, you lazy bastards)…

The menus look amazing, obviously, as we’ve come to expect, but of particular note is the lack of episode commentaries, galleries or Goodall’s isolated music cues which is quite a shame, but on the other hand we do have ‘We’re Smegged’, Nathan Cubitt’s near 2-hour behemoth documentary “with teeth” on the making of the series, so we can’t complain really.