Let’s Talk About Fathers & Suns

Week two of Red Dwarf X‘s assault on digital broadcasting. Please use this post as a repository for all your musings on deadly computers, trucknapping and bits of poppadom. We’ll be reading a selection of comments from this thread during tonight’s LIVE Dwarfcast, which will start at 10pm. We’ll be posting a link right here, and also on Twitter. This time last week, G&T was struggling to cope with the legions of Dwarf fans flooding the internet; hopefully, things won’t be so bad this week, but it’s worth following @ganymedetitan on Twitter, to make sure you get the link to the live Dwarfcast and have somewhere to aim your mad thoughts.

It’s well worth listening in, because we’ve got an exclusive interview with Rebecca Blackstone, who plays Pree in tonight’s episode. She’s very friendly, very excitable and very interesting, so make sure you join us tonight at 10pm to make that extra-special ‘new Red Dwarf‘ feeling last a little longer.

1.46m Red Dwarf fans can’t be wrong

The ratings are in… and it’s very good news indeed. Trojan averaged out at 1.46 million, or a 6.3% share of the total television audience. And that’s just the overnights – it doesn’t factor in Dave Ja Vu,  same-week repeats and PVR viewings. It beat BBC Four, BBC Three, ITV2 and CHANNEL 4 in its timeslot. It’s the second highest rated UKTV programme of all time, behind Back To Earth. The fact that it’s slightly down onBTE shouldn’t concern us – bank holiday weekend ratings are always higher than a standard mid-week slot, and Series X has six episodes worth of total viewings to gather.

Coming up later today – a proper Dwarfcast version of our Trojan Instant Reaction. We haven’t quite managed to fix all of the sound problems (although they are improved), but at least we’ve taken out the 20 minutes of dead air in the middle. We’ll also be posted our massive written review of the episode either later today or early tomorrow. Please don’t break our website again in the meantime.

Let’s Talk About Trojan

The first episode of the new series of Red Dwarf is being broadcast on British television tonight. It is 2012. Did you ever think this would happen?

Please use this post as the repository for all your Trojan-related comments, before during and after broadcast. Some of your comments may be read out during tonight’s live Dwarfcast, the link for which will appear here at 9:40pm, ready for the show to start at 10pm.

Brace yourself. We’re giving you ample bracing time.

LIVE DwarfCast TONIGHT, fabulous interviews to be heard

As you all well know last night saw the fan première of Trojan.  It was a great night and the audience were, shall we say, incredibly receptive to the episode.  The whole shebang was very ably presided over by Paul Ross (who at one point inexplicably referenced Jim Reaper!  Either this man is a proper fan, or he’s very good at researching what he’s talking about) and we were treated to a very nice Q&A with Robert, Craig, Chris and Doug in what I can only imagine was a slightly sozzled state.  We’ll probably be covering this a little more once we’re able, but for now we have something a bit more pressing to attend to…

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DVDetails, and other TOS pieces

The cover art for the Red Dwarf X DVD has been released, and with it, of course, the confirmed list of extras. The art itself is decent, if a little underwhelming compared to previous releases. I don’t like that publicity shot and the awful Photoshop filters that have been applied to it, but it does at least scream THIS IS RED DWARF to the casual HMV browser.

As for the extras, well, given that we’re getting a two-hour documentary for a three-hour series, it would be churlish and petty to complain about the extras, right?

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Ian’s Newsround – ONE WEEK TO GO

Yes, it’s been nearly three and a half years since Back To Earth and over nine months since that first audience record, and now we can finally say that today is the last Thursday without new Red Dwarf for some considerable time. Let’s have a look at some of the things that have happened over the last couple of days, while we’ve all been distracted by whether or not Chris Barrie is wearing a wig. These include new clips, new interviews, a new podcast and a new way for me to plug something I first told you about months ago.

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