Praise be, Timewave has now aired on Dave, which means we can try to heal the pain with a brand new episode, namely The One Where Everyone Gets An Election. Continuing the now finally established pattern, we can expect to see Mechocracy appear on UKTV Play within five minutes or so of 10:20pm. Or, if you’re reading this in the future, it’s already here:


We really hope that the comments below are a lot jollier than they were this time last week, and the same goes for tomorrow’s LIVE Instant Reaction DwarfCast. Do join us and our guests at 9pm on Friday; the link will appear on here, on our Twitter feed and our Spreaker page at 8:40pm.

Hello there, Dave viewers. Sod it, let’s carry on with these threads, because you’re going to have a lot to say when you’ve seen this particular episode. It’s been quite a week, and you’ll have much to catch up on, such as the UKTV Play-paced discussion thread, last Friday’s Live Instant Reaction DwarfCast, and our full in-depth written review. But not until you’ve watched the episode of course; 9pm is the TimeWaveDaveTime.

You’ll have about a forty minute window of being up-to-date after the show, as Mechocracy will be released on UKTV Play at around 10:20pm. The discussion thread for that will be along at the end of TimeWaveDaveTime.

It’s Wednesday, and that can only mean one thing – time for a preview of what is technically next Thursday’s episode of Red Dwarf XII:

I’ve not watched this, but judging from the title and the thumbnail, we’re in for a whole new shade in Red Dwarf’s “alert” system, and a return to the science room set for the first time this series. Our coverage of Mechocracy will commence as soon as Timewave has appeared on Dave.

Following the slightly manic and hugely irritating period last Thursday between Cured finishing on telly and TOWEK appearing online, UKTV have answered our prayers and clarified the timings for this week, which we really appreciate. So, all being well, Timewave will be live on UKTV Play by around 10:20pm, although the smallprint in that tweet does stipulate that timings may vary. Either way, the massive bit of text below will tell you whether or not you can watch Timewave yet:


As usual, this is the place to leave all of your many thoughts on the episode, before joining us to talk it all through in our LIVE Instant Reaction DwarfCast this Friday at 9pm. The whole gang will be here once more, with a couple of guests dropping by for good measure. The link will appear on here, on our Twitter feed and our Spreaker page – which is also the best way to chat along live – at 8:40pm.

Hello there, both Dave viewers. We’re going to give this one last try; given that the majority of discussion on the last thread was about whether there should even be a discussion thread, let’s give it another week and see if it serves any meaningful purpose this time. If not, we shall have to concede defeat in our half-hearted mission to make the Dave broadcasts a thing on here, in the face of a readership who are too busy refreshing UKTV Play on a Thursday night.

But anyway, while you’re here, why not have a little chat about The One Where Everyone’s Kryten while you wait for it to air at 9pm on Dave. You have much to look forward to thereafter, namely catching up on the UKTV Play-paced discussion thread, our Live Instant Reaction DwarfCast, and our full in-depth written review.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are gearing up to watch The One With The Pink Policemen on UKTV Play, and in lieu of any information to the contrary, we’re going to assume that it’ll be taking place *after* The One Where Everyone’s Kryten airs on TV. Consequently, our UKTV Play-paced discussion thread for that will be along at 9:40pm, or the instant the episode is released, whichever comes first.

It’s that time again – with Timewave due to premiere on UKTV Play at some point tomorrow (we assume after The One Where Everyone’s Kryten airs on Dave), a brief clip has appeared on Youtube, and it’s even briefer than usual, at around half a minute long:

Our fond hope is that after last week’s confusion and frustration, UKTV will be clarifying exactly when we should expect to see the episode appear online, preferably with plenty of notice. Will that happen? We’ll see.

The time is [INSERT TIME HERE], and The One Where Everyone’s Kryten is now available to watch on UKTV Play. Of course, up until now, we didn’t know whether this would happen before or after Cured aired on Dave. But now that we know that it’s [BEFORE / AFTER – DELETE AS APPROPRIATE], it’s clear that this was a fucking [INSERT OPINION HERE] decision. But regardless of that, fill your boots:


Please make use of this thread to share all your thoughts on this long-awaited episode, and don’t miss our LIVE Instant Reaction DwarfCast at 9pm on Friday. We’ll have a much healthier contingent of G&Ters on board this week, and in an exciting new feature, we’ll be taste-testing some real life Leopard Lager LIVE on air. You don’t want to miss that, so look out for the link on here, on our Twitter feed and our Spreaker page at 8:40pm, and do join us to listen along and chat live.

Hello there, Dave viewers. Actually, while we’ve got your attention, quick show of hands: if you’re a regular G&T reader and you’re watching Series XII at the broadcast pace, leave us a comment to tell us so. We want to cater for absolutely everyone, but it’d be good to know if Dave-paced discussion threads are catering for anyone.

Anyway, yes, today’s the day that Cured debuts on Dave at 9pm. Once you’ve finally seen it, you can catch up on what everybody else was saying about it last week, then you can spend a “pleasurable” hour and a half listening to our Live DwarfCast with special guest Clayton Hickman, marvel at our title sequence analysis, and either nod in agreement or throw knives at your screen as you read Cappsy’s review.

I’ll warn you though: at some point today, everyone’s going to start talking about The One Where Everyone’s Kryten, and we don’t yet know whether that will be before or after 9pm. I hope for your sake it’s after.

In what would appear to be now a thing that happens regularly on a Wednesday morning, UKTV have released a preview clip for The One Where Everyone’s Kryten. You know, the episode after the episode that they’re currently focusing the huge marketing campaigns on. Here it is:

As with last week, I’m going to hold off on the basis that I’ll be watching the full episode tomorrow. The question remains, however – what time will I be watching it tomorrow? We still don’t know whether it’ll be before or after Cured makes its Dave debut. We’re hoping it’s after, just to keep things as tidy as possible, and to make the broadcast premiere seem like slightly less of an anti-climax. Either way, we’ll get our discussion thread ready to go live as soon as the episode does, and brace ourselves for an entire day of F5 action…

Honestly, I thought I was done with analysing screengrabs after yesterday's title sequence breakdown, until I sat down to watch the Youtube video that Dave posted today. In it, Series XII guest star James Buckley interviews the four Dwarfers, and it's all reasonably entertaining; highlights include some good jokes about how old and fat they all are, Craig reciting an early review off by heart, and tales of how the cast's children are their harshest critics. But it also contains some previously unseen clips of (almost) every episode, which is what I'll be very briefly covering after you've watched the clip:

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