James at Last!

Well, this is quite the nice curio for your Friday morning. Somewhere among the fan-fic, Rimmer/Lister gifs and weirdly out of date pictures of the Trojan premiere that make up the Red Dwarf Tumblr tag, a chap called Kyle (grayk85) has posted a clip of the ‘Copacabana’ scene from Terrorform. What makes this especially interesting, however, is that the clip comes from the original 1992 airing and so features the oft discussed James Last version of the piece, which had to be replaced for all future repeats and home releases because reasons.

Kyle’s post features a version where he’s pasted the audio over the DVD footage, but since this is G&T and we’re horrible, pedantic TWATS, we’re going to embed the original, low quality, rip below the jump. ENJOY THIS MOMENTOUS DISCOVERY.

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Introducing the G&T Silver Survey

It will have hardly escaped anyone’s attention that 2013 is Red Dwarf’s 25th Anniversary year. In order to do the occasion justice we thought we’d gather everyone together and have a bit of an old survey. In the spirit of the Fan Club’s BTL surveys of old, we’re inviting as many Red Dwarf fans as possible to rank all 61 episodes in order of their preference in an attempt to gather a comprehensive snap-shot of fan opinion from across the web. Everyone is welcome, so we hope that not only will you contribute your list but you will enlist as many friends as possible, even if they consider Krytie TV to be the height of brilliance. All we ask is that everyone taking part has seen all the episodes and that their ordering is honest.

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