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Brighten your humdrum desktop with this exciting range of backgrounds. Now in colour (where available).

Red Dwarf raritiesRarities & Misc

A collection of all those curios that didn’t make it on to the ridiculously comprehensive DVDs. Interviews, features and other odds and ends that would otherwise be lost to the ages.

Red Dwarf continuityContinuity & Trailers

Red Dwarf originally aired between 1988 and 1999 on BBC Two and has since been repeated countless times on terrestrial and satellite channels. Here we collect various continuity announcements from this long history, along with trailers created for advertising the show at the time.

ArchivePrint Archive

Reviews and articles taken from the world’s press, delving back into the murky past to see what the idiots of the time had to say for their stupid selves.

Seb Patrick as Doug NaylorThe Movie: Yeah, No, Yeah, No

One of the two winners of the Red Dwarf VII DVD fan film competiton, this is a 10 minute spoof documentary about the quest for funding of the Movie.