Red Dwarf originally aired between 1988 and 1999 on BBC Two and has since been repeated countless times on terrestrial, satellite and digital channels. Here we collect various continuity announcements from this long history, along with trailers and adverts created for promoting the show and merchandise at the time.

Below is a list of everything we currently have, sorted by year of transmission along with information on whether it was a repeat showing (for continuity) and some extra information for context.

BBC Two Continuity

Series 1
(MPEG – 39.4MB)
7-Jan-1994 to 11-Feb-1994
Presented here in one handy video we have the continuity introductions for the first repeats of The End, Future Echoes, Balance of Power, Waiting for God, Confidence & Paranoia and Me2. This file was found on an old laptop and we don’t have the first clue who gave it to us. So, if you’re that person, please speak up!
(AVI – 7.3MB)
15-Nov-1996 (Repeat) This piece is evidently from the November repeat run of series VI, as the announcer talks about a ‘new’ series coming in a few weeks (Series VII was due to air in February). Since it seems like the start of the run, it is assumed this announcement is from episode 1 – Psirens.
‘World of Their Own’
(AVI – 3.7MB)
Unknown (Repeat) From the same run as the Psirens clip, but the episode is unclear. The main detail is the ‘world of their own’ comment, which could refer to Gunmen of the Apocalypse, but it’s too hard to say.
Tikka to Ride
(AVI – 5.1MB)
17-Jan-1997 (Original) After three years off the air, this announcement captures the moment when Red Dwarf finally returned to our screens for series VII.
Duct Soup
(AVI – 2.79MB)
07-Feb-1997 (Original) Continuing series VII’s original run, this announcement introduces the episode Duct Soup.
(AVI – 7.7MB)
14-Feb-1997 (Original) Continuing series VII’s original run, this announcement introduces the episode Blue.
Beyond a Joke
(AVI – 2.93MB)
21-Feb-1997 (Original) Continuing series VII’s original run, this announcement introduces the episode Beyond a Joke.
(AVI – 2.88MB)
07-Mar-1997 (Original) Ending series VII’s original run, this announcement introduces the episode Nanarchy.
Back in the Red – Part 2
(AVI – 6.9MB)
25-Feb-1999 (Original) Introducing the second episode of Series VIII’s original run.
Krytie TV
(AVI – 1.8MB)
18-Mar-1999 (Original) Still from series VIII’s original run, this announcement introduces Krytie TV to an unsuspecting viewership.
Pete – Part 1
(AVI – 6.1MB)
25-Mar-1999 (Original) The ‘dribbling’ comment in this announcement makes it fairly clear that Pete – Part 1 was the episode being introduced here – referring, of course, to the ‘brilliant’ basketball sequence.
Pete – Part 2
(AVI – 6.3MB)
01-Apr-1999 (Original) There’s a dino on the loose, and frankly I’d rather face that than another showing of Pete – Part 2

BBC Two Trailers

Stasis Leak
(AVI – 1.23MB)
19-Apr-1989 Combined trailer for Stasis Leak and The Young Ones.
(AVI – 3.18MB)
05-Mar-1992 Trailer for the original airing of Terrorform.

International Trailers

New Zealand trailer
(AVI – 4.87MB)
1999 This New Zealand trailer has evidentially been taken from the same session in which the American PBS trailer were recorded (which can be found on the series VIII DVD). Presumably they were used to advertise the show from at least 1999 onwards. The original forum thread.

UKTV Gold Trailers

UKTVG2 Trailer
(MOV – 16.4MB)
April 2007 A special trailer created to advertise a forthcoming Red Dwarf weekend on UKTVG2. John’s article from the time.
Six of the Best advert
(AVI – 1.93MB)
28-Apr-1997 A BBC ad for the Six of the Best video box set, taken from the end of the original broadcast of Epideme. Slight cut off at the end.

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