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TV Shows & Appearances - Patrick StewartTV

Rare interviews, Red Dwarf themed shows and general bits and bobs collected from dusty old VHS.

Wrinkles - Producer Mike CraigWrinkles

Grant & Naylor’s very early radio sit-com circa 1980/81. Produced by Mike Craig and starring Tom Mennard this is a great show and you should all listen to it now, for fuck’s sake. For articles on the show have a look at our Wrinkles section, why not.

Wally WhoWally Who?

Grant & Naylor’s less early radio sitcom, this time telling the story of Wally Thornton, a dead-beat living in a scrap yard and spending most of time down at his local pub.

Kryten & Spare Head 3, most likely saying SMEG.Smeg Ups & Smeg Outs Cuts

With the conversion of the mid-90s Smeg Ups and Smeg Outs VHS releases on UMD and DVD format, a number of cuts were made to remove competition information and update the merchandise details. For the sake of completeness and cuntery, this is the collection of the original clips unmodified.


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