Incredible! A stupendous moment in my own personal history. The perfectly preserved remains of a Quagaar warrior! They must have looked something like…

The Log Full Audiobook
(ZIP – 77.7MB)
1997 The Log was ‘written’ by Craig Charles and Russell Bell and is a collection of poor observational comedy, half truths, urban myths and ‘hilarious’ made up facts, marketed at the Red Dwarf audience as a ‘Dwarfer’s Guide to Everything’. This is the abridged audiobook version, available as separate MP3s or collected in a ZIP. You can read the original article from the time here.
The Log Audiobook (1 of 4) (MP3 – 20.9MB)
The Log Audiobook (2 of 4) (MP3 – 19.7MB)
The Log Audiobook (3 of 4) (MP3 – 19.7MB)
The Log Audiobook (4 of 4) (MP3 – 18.9MB)
TV Stuff
A Question Of Sport clip
(AVI – 13.8MB)
15-Apr-2005 A Question Of Sport‘s mystery guest round using the abominable re-mix of the Dwarf theme tune. Observation Dome post from the time.
Points Of View clip
(AVI – 8.37MB)
14-Oct-2007 The fight to bring Red Dwarf back to our screens begins with this brief and frankly rubbish feature on Points Of View. Article from the time.
Radio Stuff
Scott Mills’ prank call thing
(MP3 – 1.81MB)
03-Apr-2005 BBC Radio 1’s Scott Mills rings some poor sod up and plays clips down the phone at them, presumably to show us how STUPID they are. Yes, Mills, now kindly go fuck yourself. In this edition he’s using Dwarf clips. Observation Dome post from the time.

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