Rare interviews, Red Dwarf themed shows and general bits and bobs collected from dusty old VHS.

Rob & Doug on Bite Back
(AVI – 38.4MB)
23-May-1993 This clip is taken from the BBC show Bite Back. This whole section takes a look at sci-fi (or apparent lack of sci-fi) at the BBC. Rob Grant & Doug Naylor are interviewed briefly, along with a clip of a dubbing session for series VI.

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Red Dwarf Night – 1998
Junction 1
(AVI – 13.8MB)
14-Feb-1998 All the bits and bobs from inbetween each of the Red Dwarf Night shows. Completeism is the ONE TRUE WAY.
Junction 2
(AVI – 7.2MB)
Junction 3
(AVI – 5.5MB)
Junction 4
(AVI – 6.2MB)
Junction 5
(AVI – 5.0MB)
Junction 6
(AVI – 1.9MB)

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