Below is the collection of Wally Who episodes currently in G&T’s possession. Check out our Wally Who?: A First Look & Listen article for more information on the show and reviews of the episodes.

Series 1 (1982)
Just The Way You Are
(MP3 – 25MB)
07 Nov 1982 We currently have five out of the ten total episodes from Wally Who?‘s single series run and from what we can gather they are the first five of the run. The series originally ran from 07 Nov 1982 to 23 Jan 1983.
The Whiz Kid (MP3 – 25MB) 14 Nov 1982
I Want to Be in Movies (MP3 – 25MB) 21 Nov 1982
The Painting (MP3 – 26MB) 28 Nov 1982
The Caravan (MP3 – 26MB) 05 Dec 1982

Many thanks to:

  • Kevin Askew (5 episodes)