Below is the complete collection of Wrinkles episodes and clips collected over the years. Check out our Wrinkles section for more information on the show and reviews of the episodes.

Series 1 – 1980
Matron’s Nephew
(MP3 – 25MB)
1980 These are currently the only four episodes we have managed to gather from series 1. There were originally six episodes broadcast weekly between the dates of 15-Apr-1980 and 20-May-1980, and they appear to have had no titles as such, which makes it completely impossible to place any of the episodes we *do* have. So, these files are presented to you out of broadcast and with fabricated episode titles.
Mr. Morton
(MP3 – 25.6MB)
The Camel
(MP3 – 24.8MB)
The Mayor’s Visit
(MP3 – 18.8MB)
Series 2 – 1981
1. Mr P Can Seriously Damage Your Health
(MP3 – 19.2MB)
10-Nov-1981 Series 2 was broadcast weekly between the dates of 10-Nov-1981 and 15-Dec-1981, and were handily identified with actual official episode titles! As such, it’s been fairly easy to identify which episodes are which using the episode listing on The British Comedy Website. Currently, we’re only missing the final episode, Dear Lillian…, but with any luck that’ll show up at some point. Or maybe you have it? Well, DO YOU?
2. In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning
(MP3 – 24.9MB)
3. The Dog Who Laughed
(MP3 – 24.9MB)
4. Night And Day
(MP3 – 25.1MB)
5. Swept Away
(MP3 – 24.1MB)
6. Dear Lillian…
Misc Clips
Dog Training
(MP3 – 3.11MB)
1980 These two clips are both taken from an episode or episodes I’m yet to hear, so they’re well worth a listen even if you’ve got all the full episodes above. They’re both around five minutes long and are very funny indeed.
Secret Service Reunion
(MP3 – 2.87MB)
Absent Friends
(MP3 – 2.66MB)
31-May-2005 This is an extract from the BBC Radio 4 documentary series Absent Friends, which talked about old sit-com characters. In this instance, they’re talking about Matron, complete with an interview with producer Mike Craig.

Many thanks to:

  • Adrian Fry (Absent Friends)
  • Mark James (2 clips)
  • Miles Jackson (2 episodes)
  • Graham Lidbury (7 episodes)
  • The British Comedy Website (episode and broadcast information source).