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    So commissioned for two more series takes the show up to the 73 episodes count by 2017.
    Airing series 12 up to 29 years since first broadcast.

    Will that make Dwarf in the top three “UK made Primetime TV Sitcoms” with the most series?

    My Family ended series 11. I can only find evidence that the revived Birds of a Feather (also commissioned and currently about to shoot a 12th series) matches it by the time of air dates.
    Of course the mammoth 31 series + specials of Last of The Summer Wine, massively surpasses 12. (I’m deliberately not comparing Dwarf to any children’s time slot sitcom style show in this, the chuckle brothers etc can all fuck off.)

    29 years from first transmission to most recent new episode. Would that then place it second only to Summer Wine in years? (Birds of a Feather started the year after Dwarf so wouldn’t catch up during their continued on-going production periods hitting 27 or 28). Fools and Horses managed bridging 22 years, unless you bring spin offs into it or the Sport Relief sketch into play and claim that’s a span up to 31 years. (I’m also not allowing Yes [Prime] Minister shows, as 2013 was remake/reboot not a continuation.)

    73 episodes of Dwarf it would not yet quite reach the most episodes top ten.

    Last Of The Summer Wine – 295
    My Family – 120
    Birds Of A Feather – 118
    The Upper Hand – 94
    The Liver Birds – 86
    ‘Allo ‘Allo! – 85
    Dad’s Army – 80
    Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps – 80
    The Goodies – 77

    Bread – 74
    On the Buses – 74

    Red Dwarf – 73

    Terry and June – 65
    Only Fools and Horses – 64

    It would sit somewhere just outside the all time top ten, (plus a couple of black and white sitcoms I’ve taken out of that list, due to episode recordings no longer existing now.) But the show is about to overtake Only Fools and Horses and Terry and June. (On that point, Jon now falls off his deckchair like a plonker.)

    Or anyone think I’ve missed any show? We should set Cat onto The Birds of Feather and scare them off now!!


    Well, if the show remains a hit, Dave wants more and the cast and crew running at full pelt, I confidently predict we’ll have 100 episodes of Dwarf after Series XVII in the year 2022.


    ^^Agreed. If Dave had been trying to commission more episodes way back in 2009 and everyone finally managed to get their ducks in a row to finally accomplish two more series, then I don’t see why there couldn’t or wouldn’t be a RD XVIII…unless someone had an aversion to the number 13 or Doug decides to finalize everything at the end of XVII. (If he did, I’d be heartbroken, but reality says it’s gotta end somewhere sometime.)


    Pains me to say, butI think it would probably be best to call it a day after XII. When series twelve airs, poor Bobby will be 61. Maybe that might be the time to hang up the rubber.


    You could just ask him at the time whether he wants to keep going.


    Pains me to say, butI think it would probably be best to call it a day after XII. When series twelve airs, poor Bobby will be 61. Maybe that might be the time to hang up the rubber”

    Could the show continue without the original cast?

    I think yes!

    Taiwan Tony

    It’s all subjective, obvs, but I’d suggest that the majority of that list is absolute dogshit.
    I say that with the best intentions. How I convey that, I don’t know… Winky smiley face?

    With the right casting I think Red Dwarf could continue. But given that the signs of nepotism have already been seen, are we not more likely to get all their sons playing their parts? How bad would that be? Anyone see that thing with Sid Mayall and Red Richardson?

    I do worry about their age though. It’s going to look like Steptoe and Steptoe in Space.


    I think another Series for the 30th anniversary is needed that will take it to 13 Series and 79 episodes. Maybe then it might be time to call it a day but they need to do something for the 30th anniversary. But saying that if the episodes remain good we may want it to continue beyond that but the 30th due to the casts age is a realistic aim to finish it with a bang.


    79 episodes? Don’t give me that Star Trek crap.

    Ben Paddon

    I’d be happy with a reboot, actually. A whole new approach to the same premise. Give it the old Galactica treatment. Only less severe, obviously.


    I’m not interested in Star Trek crap this is Red Dwarf it’s nothing to do with that in my opinion. Another Series would be fitting for the 30th then maybe they can call it a day!

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