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    Robert Llewellyn has posted a video of himself as Kryten on his Youtube account


    I never knew mechanoids dont cough what if they get computer viruses *`I’ll get my coat` mode activated*



    Not to burst your bubble, but the link has already been posted here:


    The coughing was pretty funny. He seemed to be having a hard time not cracking himself up.



    oops I should have checked



    Thanks for the heads-up- the other posting got lost in the other thread (not suprising, considering the other awesome news) so I’m glad you made it a bit clearer. I’ve been waiting for Robert to release this for weeks.



    Holy Crap, was Piglet in Abu Ghraib?!?!?



    I think Christopher Robin’s close contact with cuddly animals as a kid has an impact on his sexual preferences as an adult…



    Actually, yeah, thanks for posting – I’m avoiding the more spoilery threads, so otherwise I wouldn’t have seen this.


    John Hoare

    G&T Admin

    As it becoming the habit around here, the news is now front-paged and this thread locked. Thanks for the heads-up!

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