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    Danny Stephenson

    For Christmas, my lovely parents got me ‘The True History of Black Adder’ and they mention Red Dwarf in it. Don’t know if you guys knew about this connection. I’d never heard about it til just now…

    “During this early stage of their careers John [Lloyd] and Douglas [Adams] shared a flat owned by another of [Graham] Chapman’s script facilitators, Bernard McKenna, and a hard day’s slog at BBC Radio’s Light Entertainment HQ at Aeolian House for John would often culminate with attempts to gee up his morose giant of a friend, working together on pitches for TV shows such as Sno 7 and the White Dwarfs. This sci-fi sitcom pilot concerned a couple of astrophysicists in an observatory on top of Mount Everest who discover that an interplanetary advertising agency aim to write a slogan across across the galaxy in supernovae – ‘Things Go Better With Bulp’ – with Earth selected as the full stop. The space slogan idea would eventually be used by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor in their Red Dwarf novels, but back in the late seventies the BBC considered science fiction to be ‘too fifties’ and the idea was dropped.”


    Hmmmmmmmm. Eeeenteresting.

    Pete Part Three

    It’s an awesome book, that.


    Well then.


    Crazy idea, I tell you. Nobody would ever do anything like that!

    Coca Cola Logo in Google Maps


    Still love the HHGTTG TV series even though i recently learned (yeah probably the last to know i admit that) it was the reason BBC2 dropped the Goodies

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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