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    I’ve read how Series V and VI were eventually labeled for having “Monster-of-the-Week” formats, however I feel like its been awhile since Red Dwarf has had that and it could do with it again.

    Personally, I’d be welcoming to another monster making an appearance in a Red Dwarf episode in a possible XIII and/or XIV, since it seems most Dave era episodes seem to have an Artificial Intelligence as a villain and it’d be a nice change of pace having something like the Psirens or another kind-of monstrous GELF facing off against the Dwarfers.

    Ben Saunders

    Probably costs quite a bit of money (remember how shit the BEGGs looked?!) but yeah that might be cool


    idk that GELF in Krysis looked pretty good, and he was only on-screen for like 2 minutes


    I mostly want weird space phenomena: Future Echoes, White Hole, Out of Time, Stasis Leak, Terrorform, the first half of Skipper… these are usually my favourite plots. They allow for a lot of weird imagination, plus a sense of threat, without need for a bad guy.

    That said, it would be quite nice to have a ‘monster’ of some sort, for a bit of variety. Other than the Polymorph in Can of Worms (which is always in friendly disguise), we’ve not had much in the Dave era. The BEGGs were on screen for a few minutes, and the GELF in Krysis for even less. All the other guests have been androids, Simulants, computers or humans.

    Ben Saunders

    >that GELF in Krysis looked pretty good
    I need to watch XII again


    The Rimmer monster in Officer Rimmer felt very IV/V monster of the week.


    >I need to watch XII again

    You should, but you won’t see Krysis.


    Asclepius and the Rimmer monster came close to feeling like a classic monster of the week villains. But yeah i do kind of miss when the show had more hostile threats.

    I don’t mind weird space stuff either but id rather that then space shenanigans.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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