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    In tangential sci-fi/comedy news, it seems Armando Iannucci has got one of his own in the works at HBO:


    Looking forward to seeing what he comes up with.



    He directed the pilot of, and was involved in the development of, Hyperdrive, so let’s hedge our bets…



    I hope it’s better than the fucking Orville. Maybe we can get a new sci-fi comedy with some actual sophistication that doesn’t talk down to its audience.


    International Debris

    Armando had a bit of a lean period in the mid ’00s, away from The Thick of It. He was involved in Lab Rats, and I thought Time Trumpet was very below par for him. But Veep restored my faith in him so I have reasonably high hopes for this.



    Me too.

    (And I say that as someone who liked Time Trumpet – it felt like a move back to the gleeful absurdity of TDT and his sketch show.)

    I also can’t wait for The Death Of Stalin.



    > I also can’t wait for The Death Of Stalin.

    It’s been over sixty years, I think you are good. :-P

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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