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    When you’ve already worked out your current Red Dwarf episode ranking, but time keeps marching on and just begging to be murdered, why not work out which obsolete three-episode VHS tape that hasn’t been commercially available for 20 years offers the best value, according to that ranking?

    My best is Series V Byte Two (‘Quarantine’).

    Based on the Silver Survey, here are G&T readers’ best bytes, as of almost five years ago. I used the non-mathematical method of +1 rank = +1 point and adding those up, because I gave up maths after GCSE.

    1. Series III Byte One
    2. Series VI Byte One
    3. Series II Byte One
    4. Series V Byte One
    5. Series V Byte Two
    6. Series IV Byte Two
    7. Series I Byte Two
    8. Series II Byte Two
    9. Series III Byte Two
    10. Series IV Byte One
    11. Series VI Byte Two
    12. Series I Byte One
    13. Series VII Byte One
    14. Series VIII Byte 1 (4 episodes)
    15. Series VII Byte Two
    16. Series VII Byte Three (2 episodes)
    17. Series VIII Byte 2 (4 episodes)

    Discuss? You don’t have to.



    It would have been interesting to include the fake bytes from Back to Earth and X.



    Yeah. Can’t be bothered to re-calculate it now though, and the fresh reactions to X might not have been that reliable anyway.

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