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    Dollar Pound


    i like the blue pyjamas post


    Ben Saunders

    I enjoyed it but I don’t know if I fully understood it



    I fully understood it but I don’t know if I enjoyed it


    Plastic Percy

    I’d be more interested in The Future of Sockets – A Plug Blog.



    Can we all get in on this?


    [Spreads hands and walks away]



    Now that the Pearl Poll’s closed and there’s no risk of my trendmaking, old-fashioned opinions influencing anyone, here’s my largely jeopardy-free top 73:


    Pete Part Three

    Very nice. But “location filming” in Lemons? The 1 minutes scene in the woods in Shepperton?






    Great photo selections Warbodog. That model shot in Dear Dave is one I’m very fond of.



    You’ve put excellent effort into that post, and I admire that greatly, but your ranking made me say yikes.



    That is a good breakdown. I find myself nodding in agreement with most of it, despite having submitted a quite different episode order.



    “I was underwhelmed when I watched the series twelve opener, but after people pointed out its quite smart plotting and all the little visual details I missed, I’ve decided it’s actually good.”

    My god, what have we done!


    Dollar Pound

    please proceed to the driveroom for debriefing



    it is a very surreal blog


    Dollar Pound

    from a parallel universe



    Beer milkshake in Cannery Row is a new one on me. I’ve only heard of that book because there are two Warner Bros. cartoons starring Sylvester the cat whose names are a play on the title: Cannery Woe and Canary Row.


    Dollar Pound

    milkshake ipa is a whole thing now



    was checking to see if this blog got updated. it didnt



    shame because “Last ep, Cat attempted to eat Lister. Now he’s considering having sex with him.” was an excellent review of Confidence And Paranoia


    Dollar Pound

    thanks muchly. distracted by my back in the red fanfic novel.


    Dollar Pound

    an interview with doug naylor:



    that was quite an interesting read, cheers



    Why didn’t you ask him not to write Timewave?


    Dollar Pound

    too shy


    Ben Saunders

    >Timewave is Dollar Pound’s fault
    You could have prevented this


    Dollar Pound

    i wrote timewave and passed the script to doug at a last human signing in a guildford branch of w h smith’s in the mid 90s. everything about this makes sense. you’ve hypersititioned me into being the author of timewave. this is some deep trolling



    doug naylor in 1995:

    >is a chinese food loving hero

    doug naylor in 2012:

    > wrote taiwan tony

    what went wrong?

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Viewing 28 posts - 1 through 28 (of 28 total)

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