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    I read think I read somewhere that the classic series was gonna get released on blu, is that still happening, anyone know anything?


    Ben Paddon

    It was very quietly listed on Amazon but keeps getting pushed back. It’s been a source of some debate here, because it was all shot on video and wouldn’t really benefit from an HD release, but apparently there’s demand from the Japanese market… so who knows?



    That’s pretty much what I kinda thought, that it was all shot on video. Still be pretty cool to find out how they’re gonna go about remastering it for blu ray.


    Seb Patrick


    Ah shame, but I guess it’s for the best if the quality wasn’t up to scratch. Back to the DVDs!



    Are the original I-VIII DVDs still in print?


    Ben Saunders

    You can already see all the split screen lines and the bit where the Kryten mask ends and Robert’s skin around his eyes begins, I think we’ve gone far enough



    When Doug talks of killing things…



    50th anniversary, all series recreated in photorealistic CGI at 8K

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Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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