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    Arlene Rimmer BSc SSc

    …for problems small and large, with characters minor or major. ‘Cos “who’s your favorite Red Dwarf character?” threads are probably a dime a dozen on other boards.

    Take, as a f’r-instance, the Inquisitor, from the episode of the same name. He’s a mechanical, and strikes me as the unsentimental type. But then he goes and uses phrases like

    See me now and tremble! The Inquisition begins! Prove to me you are worthy of the honor of life, or drink deeply from the well of nothingness for all eternity!

    Just seems a bit…flowery for something dedicated to evaluating people’s arguments in justification of their own existence and pruning the “unnecessary” people from the timeline. Who’s he trying to scare? If they aren’t worthy, they go. He has to prove nothing to them.

    So…anyone else have any character nitpicking they want to do?


    Jason aka Smeg4Brains

    I have a problem with Camille at times. Mainly because there are things un-pleasurable that she does. For instance when she tells Lister she’s a pleasure GELF…surely what would give Lister pleasure would “Rimmer is going insane” or something like that.


    Arlene Rimmer BSc SSc

    I think the kind of “pleasure” Camille delivers goes much deeper than whatever day-to-day nastiness Rimmer inflicts; as far as I can gather, she’s a sort of mirror for the boys’ most personal romantic obsessions (for instance, Rimmer mentioned how she looked so much like his sister-in-law Janine).

    Not that I didn’t have problems with Camille too, actually, but those were for other reasons entirely…



    The only problem I have with the episode Camille is that it blatantly shouldn’t be the first in the series: it’s not strong enough for that. Meltdown and Dimension Jump are better, but we all know why the schedule was frakked with. Also, the last dialogue of series III is Kryten admitting he lied and the first scene of IV is Lister teaching Kryten to lie.



    Ah, but maybe Kryten is able to lie to fellow mechanoids but not to “superior life forms”.



    I have problems with quite a few ‘characters’ around here.


    Jonathan Capps

    G&T Admin

    I’ve never liked ~, personally.



    really? I seem to be developing a serious # problem.



    >Ah, but maybe Kryten is able to lie to fellow mechanoids but not to ?superior life forms?.

    That’s always what I figured. But here’s a new possibility that only just occured to me: he’s lying in self defense. He’s not calling a banana an aardvark, he’s saving the lives of himself and his crew members. Mathematically he’s doing the right thing.

    Also, murder is illegal…but killing in self-defense almost always goes without punishment. Mechanoids might be programmed in a similar way when it comes to their behavioral protocols.



    Can’t really see Kryten having any sort of programming to defend himself tbh

    Perhaps use of lethal force in defense of a human being?



    >Perhaps use of lethal force in defense of a human being?

    That’s probably a bit more accurate, yeah. I imagine it’s not unlikely that mechanoids would be allowed to circumvent their normal behavioral protocols for the sake of saving the lives of the entire crew. They themselves might be disposable, but surely DivaDroid’s customers are not.



    > I?ve never liked ~, personally.

    Shoot me now.



    I cant stand George MacIntyre, In “The End”, mainly the acting
    and delivery is rubbish.

    I like how they cut his part down in the remastered version.


    Jason aka Smeg4Brains

    > STREET CRED: Le-Wayne Pinkerton is told he looks like Craig Charles




    I have a problem with Rimmer when he is pretending to be Ace Rimmer in Stoke me a clipper. I think its the voice mainly.

    Plus not exactly on topic but i have a problem with this as well?!
    STREET CRED: Le-Wayne Pinkerton is told he looks like Craig Charles



    And, i have a problem with how Lister gets pregnant, because surely if he gets pregnant then he’s a woman, and the female Lister is male, and then its not an alternative universe its just the same? Its more of a problem with a storyline I guess but its still confusing.

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