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    Jawscvmcdia (2)

    …and it’s no longer being indexed by Google. The website was notable for being Chris’ only outlet to the online world, considering he doesn’t use social media. This begs the question as to why he’s closed it?


    Probably found little use in maintaining it, he isn’t an actor anymore except in Red Dwarf and the only other thing he does is act as a celebrity curator for the Tank Museum and host galas.

    Stephen Abootman

    In better news, normanlovett.com is BACK, baby!

    Pete Part Three

    >This begs the question as to why he’s closed it?

    To give you an excuse to start another shitty thread?


    bit harsh, the thread is at least relevant to red dwarf/the people involved in it. i mean it’s not the most open ended topic but it’s miles better than that jonathan pie rubbish someone made a thread about earlier


    Certainly better than ‘Brexit News’ or another attention-seeking variation on the Rob and Doug split. The first thread since his ‘fresh start’ that doesn’t look like he’s taking the piss to a casual observer (I think he’s more at the Tobias F√ľnke end of the self-awareness spectrum).


    But he’s not a casual observer and neither are you. Another thread in bad faith for Ian to mark poo.


    His website’s back.


    It’s a strange evolution of the internet, consolidating celebrity news primarily via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Some famous folk had remarkable websites like Thomas Dolby who clearly enjoyed filling it with content. Now most celebrity and movie tie-in sites either go directly to their social media page or haven’t been maintained for years.

    The internet is a bit shite now. The content is more diverse as ever but I miss browsing websites that were handbuilt and clearly a labour of love.


    Oh totally, social media has its upsides, but it replacing non-social media websites is the worst thing that’s happened to the internet.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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