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    Nick R

    A company called StartRocket plans to launch a set of cubesats and reflective sheets to display adverts in the twilight sky:


    Their first client for these celestial advertisements? A cola company. But not the one that Grant Naylor predicted.


    Before anyone checks: yes, we are two weeks past 1st April.

    So far only one person in the Twitter replies has made the Red Dwarf comparison:



    Just read that passage in the novel. Brilliant bit of bathos. I had thought there was a joke about the cola wars where Coke and Pepsi turned out to be owned by the same people, but that’s from This Other Eden by Ben Elton.


    Honeymooners in Hawaii would stand on the peak of Mauna Kea, gazing at sunsets stamped with the slogan. Commuters in London, stuck in traffic jams, would peer through the grey drizzle and gape at the Pepsi constellation. The few primitive tribes still untouched by civilisation in the jungles of South America would look up at the heavens, and certainly not think about drinking Coke.

    This will sure as hell sell a lot of cans of a certain fizzy drink.


    I didn’t know until relatively recently that “Coke Adds Life” was a real 1970s slogan, thinking it to be a satirical invention of Grant Naylor’s lovingly overcranked by one degree of dystopia. Fat chance.


    I didn’t know until relatively recently that “Coke Adds Life” was a real 1970s slogan

    I didn’t know until now. :/

    Pete Part Three

    Don Draper is rolling in his grave.

    John Hoare

    Some lovely jingles, though.


    I find it an almost amusing coincidence that there’s now a drink called ‘Arenaline Rush’ when the men’s and women’s hockey teams for my state are called ‘Adrenaline’ and ‘Rush’ respectively.


    >Don Draper is rolling in his grave.

    Wearing a Lovejoy mask.


    Not to take anything away from Mr Naylor but Isaac Asimov was the first to use this particular ….. “idea”. To advertise “Moke” …… on the face of the moon. The threat was to secure funding for …. something , I really don’t recall atm. As also I can’t recall which particular story. Will research and get back with the information. This was a story published in late 50’s , early 60’s and so pre-dates both Mr. Naylors AND this terrible horrible idea.


    Found it. lol. And I was wrong. It was a story by Robert Heinlein “The Man Who Sold The Moon” published in 1950. Here’s a quick quote of the relevant passage ….. “That” was the two-inch disc; Harriman unpinned it and put it in his pocket. It was a celluloid advertising pin, in plain yellow; printed on it in black, almost covering it, was a simple 6+, the trademark of Moka-Coka’s only serious rival.
    “No,” answered Harriman, “though I don’t blame you for being irritated. I see half the school kids in the country wearing these silly buttons. But I came to give you a friendly tip, not to annoy you.”
    “What do you mean?”
    “When I paused at your door that pin on my lapel was just the size-to you, standing at your desk-as the full Moon looks when you are standing in your garden, looking up at it. You didn’t have any trouble reading what was on the pin, did you? I know you didn’t; you yelled at me before either one of us stirred.”
    “What about it?”
    “How would you feel—and what would the effect be on your sales—if there was ‘six-plus’ written across the face of the Moon instead of just on a school kid’s sweater?” … and then he goes on to explain how he would do it.


    Yeah…. me again. As an aside, why can’t I edit these replies? When I click on “edit” upper right it just sends me to a “reply” screen. I’m old so I may be missing something here. (best part of getting old lol, you can blame just about anything on age :D) (Yeah, I’m that old fuck mentioned in the Pearl Poll lol)

    Ben Saunders

    Edit and Reply have never worked on the forums as far as I remember, but do work on the news posts. I don’t know why but it’s always been a thing and it’s always been annoying

    Flap Jack

    The forum Edit and Reply buttons should just be removed or hidden, tbh.

    Ian Symes

    Yes, but they’re *our* edit and reply buttons and we happen to think they look rather striking.

    Pete Part Three

    I blame Matt.


    It’s because they didn’t have the right nobby parents! I’ll bet the Submit button was fed gazpacho soup as soon as it was on solids! No, I’ll bet it was breast-fed on it! One side gazpacho soup, the other side freely-dispensed chilled champagne!

    Plastic Percy

    You didn’t have the right edit and reply buttons? Whose edit and reply buttons did you have?


    Oh, it’s a little button that goes Home › Forums › Ganymede & Titan Forum › COKE ADDS LIFE! (Pepsi would be *buried*) › Reply To: COKE ADDS LIFE! (Pepsi would be *buried*) […]
    Read more →. Just what I’ve always wanted.

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