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    Live From Jodrell

    [u][b]Craig Charles to give exclusive Red Dwarf Q&A at Science & Music Festival Live From Jodrell Bank[/b][b][/b][/u]

    Live From Jodrell Bank announces further music and science collaborations for its Paul
    Weller headlined show in June. Acts perform in front of the iconic Lovell telescope and
    beam their projections onto this 76 meter structure marking Live From Jodrell Bank
    out as a truly unique event in the summer festival calendar and the definitive place to
    stargaze whilst appreciating superlative sounds from earth and beyond.

    Internationally acclaimed star Paul Weller headlines the show performing songs from
    his hit laden career. A significant figure in British culture, Live From Jodrell Bank is
    Paul Weller’s only stand alone performance of the summer. Paul Weller comments “I’m

    excited to play Jodrell Bank, it’s always good to perform in unique places and this will be
    the most unique of them all! It’s going to be a great show in a great space-age setting,”

    Having already announced a fascinating programme of science related activity to take
    place throughout the day, Live From Jodrell Bank are thrilled to confirm that Craig
    Charles will be appearing for an exclusive Q and A ahead of the airing of the 10th series
    of Red Dwarf. This cult show is the definitive British Sci-Fi comedy and one of the most
    adventurous comedies in TV history. As the character Lister, Craig was the star of
    the show and has been an ever present throughout the series. As well as bringing his
    acclaimed funk and soul show to Jodrell Bank, Craig will also be giving a Q&A session
    in the Science Arena with a Jodrell Bank scientist on hand to relate the fiction of sci-fi
    series Red Dwarf to the facts of space exploration.

    Gomez are one of the best live bands in the country and still lead the pack when it
    comes to intelligent and melodic indie rock music. They will be performing a set made
    up of classic tracks from their huge back catalogue. Jake Evans fully rounded vocals,
    ear for perfect pop and supreme guitar playing led to him co founding Bad Lieutenant,
    a band that has featured New Orders Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris and Phil
    Cunningham as well as Alex James from Blur. His solo show is sure to be a highlight of
    the festival.

    Also performing on the day will be Graham Coxon who will be playing tracks from his
    acclaimed new album A + E as well as all the classic tracks from his previous 7 studio
    albums. Baxter Dury showcases his expertly constructed psychedelic pop whilst Little
    Barrie brings some undiluted rock n’ roll swagger.

    [b]Highlights from the Science Arena include:[/b]

    -See the amazing giant Lovell Telescope in action as Jodrell Bank Astrophysicist Tim
    O’Brien puts it through its paces live from stage!

    -Meet Bridget, the Mars rover built as part of the research for the European Space
    Agency’s next mission to Mars

    -Find out about the beautiful intricacies of mathematical origami – and do some
    experiments of your own

    -Learn about the science of sport with In the Zone – a Welcome Trust exhibition
    inspired by London 2012 – discover the secret springs that make you jump – get
    under the skin of your blood system – race to the finish and take home access to
    your own personal showreel!

    -Find out more about pulsars, rapidly rotating stars the size of a large city that send
    out radio waves across the Universe

    -Meet Jodrell Bank scientists and engineers working at the cutting edge of science
    and find out about the latest research http://www.jb.man.ac.uk

    -Find out the latest news about the exciting multi billion pound project to build the
    world’s biggest telescope, the Square Kilometre Array – with the international HQ
    right here at Jodrell!

    -Meet eMERLIN, the UK-wide network of telescopes run from Jodrell Bank

    -Get updates on the search for the elusive Higgs Boson, the so called ‘God particle’,
    from the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva

    -Celebrate the centenary of the birth of pioneering computer scientist, Alan Turing
    with the Turing Sunflower project, a mass experiment to grow thousands of
    sunflowers and count their spirals!

    -And finally, find out why Jodrell Bank is the UK hub for ALMA, – a world class
    Telescope in the heart of the Chilean Andes.

    Associate Director Of Jodrell Bank Observatory, Tim O’ Brien comments “We’re really
    looking forward to this year’s festival and very excited about bringing together great
    music and great science. Watch out for a star performance from the Lovell Telescope!”

    For over five decades, the giant Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank has been part of
    the Cheshire landscape and an internationally renowned landmark for astronomers.
    Since the summer of 1957 it has been exploring the depths of outer space in a quest
    for knowledge. It remains one of the biggest and most powerful radio telescopes in the
    world, spending most of its time investigating cosmic phenomena that were undreamed
    of when it was first conceived.

    Live From Jodrell Bank – a stellar line-up in a truly unique location…

    Tickets and info can be found here:

    Ian Symes

    Jodrell Wank, more like.


    Robert Llewellyn to exclusively spoil at least 50 things ahead of Series X!

    …not an event, just a fact.

    Jonathan Capps

    Now let’s not be hasty, I’m sure Live From Jodrell will have lots to contribute to the forum. I mean, no one would just register to promote their event and then leave us forever, would they?

    Would they?


    Giving Craig Charles a mic* just ahead of RDX? GNP are brave, aren’t they?

    *I wrote that, and realised that he has his own radio show and regularly does live DJ sets, so has access to a mic and an audience pretty regularly. However, I couldn’t be bothered to change what I’d written. You get what I’m trying to say, I’m sure.


    So what am I being told? Is Craig Charles now a science teacher?

    Ben Paddon

    Physics! Physics, physics, physicsphysicsphysics. Physics. Physics. Physics.

    I hope you’re getting all this down.


    *looks for Community pic to go with Ben’s Doctor Who quote*


    Do you think it will be Live from Jodrell Bank?


    I’m sure Live from Jodrell will be a valuable asset to the team.


    >Celebrate the centenary of the birth of pioneering computer scientist, Alan Turing
    with the Turing Sunflower project, a mass experiment to grow thousands of
    sunflowers and count their spirals!



    Craig (well, @CCfunkandsoul, at least – is that Craig, or just ‘the show’?) Has just Tweeted about this.

    Probably nothing, but I just thought I’d mention it.


    Starbug will also fly over Jodrell Bank during this event, but as usual they wont notice it, despite it being the sort of thing they are normally looking for.

    Jonathan Capps

    I nominate Jonsmad for Hall of Fame status.


    This was posted on Twitter about quarter of an hour ago. Thought it sounded fairly interesting:

    @CCfunkandsoul: *NEWS FLASH* Craig Charles will be live in conversation on twitter tomorrow from 4pm – #funkandchat RT


    Pete Part Three

    Live in conversation on Twitter? What a crazy idea.


    Yep, crazy. The man could say *anything*…



    Live from Jodrell are running a competition to win 2x VIP tickets, a signed poster and a meet with Craig at Jodrell Bank on Sunday 24th June.

    All you have to do is email comp@livefromjodrellbank.com before Friday 15th June with a question to Craig. The best questions will be used and one person will be chosen at random to win the prizes.


    I’m going to ask his favourite colour.


    > I’m going to ask his favourite colour.

    Shit I’ve got to think of something else now


    Ask “Where’s Dave Lister?” over and over again.


    What is it!?


    “Can you tell us more about Dildonics?”


    “Nothing else less to burn?”

    Pete Part Three

    “Where can I get some crack?”


    “What does Smeg mean?”


    “What’s your favourite bunkroom scene from series 1?”


    I’d ask him if he could demonstrate what Barbera Cartland would look like walking backwards. And then scream “wrong! She’s dead” when he did so.


    Ask “Where’s Dave Lister?” over and over again.

    Thank you for reminding me of this. I re-read the Celebrities Disfigured article here and still couldn’t believe how awful it sounded.

    This guy seemed to like it though:

    Of course there was the Red Dwarf talk too which was great but it became that much better when Craig Charles pops out of the audience in disguise and asks in a gruff voice “Where’s Dave Lister”. The best part was that no one got that it was him until much later in the talk!

    That is indeed the best part of a social experiment ostensibly meant to explore our unfortunate reactions to those who are different from us.

    Pete Part Three

    That was a horrendously misguided, but highly watchable, bit of crappy TV. Craig completely misunderstood the point of the documentary and decided to see whether people would treat him differently if he acted like a complete nutjob. The fact that he had a facial disfigurement via some make-up was incidental.


    Any sites to watch that on? Can’t find it anywhere. Sounds hilariously stupid.

    Jonathan Capps

    Well, they’ve cancelled it due to rain despite insisting on Twitter yesterday that it will be going ahead.



    Just seen Craig’s Tweet re cancellation, too:

    Jodrell Bank cancelled due to weather… Real shame, gutted for all those involved. Full refund provided, contact organisers direct. :(

    Shame, I bet that would’ve produced some fascinating quotes, at least.


    > http://www.ganymede.tv/indepth/celebrities-disfigured

    I had only heard this project mentioned in an early DwarfCast in reference to Craig’s previous attitude toward fans. If people who are new to G&T are reading the above link for the first time, it’s worth pointing out that this is 8 years old and Craig’s opinion of Dwarf fandom seems to have evolved quite a bit since then. (See DwarfCasts 1, 2 and others that cover the later conventions.)

    Pete Part Three

    He’s also off the crack.


    > (See DwarfCasts 1, 2 and others that cover the later conventions.)

    It’s like you gave up counting after getting as far as 2. This amused me.

    So thank you.


    Oh, you thought I looked it up and then stopped at 2. That would be amusing. :)

    Actually it was far nerdier than that: I couldn’t be bothered to look it up, but I’ve memorized some of the list. Like the list of American presidents, I can name the first handful and the most recent ones (and the standout ones like Lincoln, which don’t really have a Dwarfcast equivalent).

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