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    Excluding the complete dropped bollock of series X Kryten, the masks that Robert Llewellyn has worn as Kryten have been quite good, except there has always been something bugging me about them and I haven’t been able to put my finger on it… until now. Rewatching series XII it clicked.
    No it’s not that the head now looks quite fatter than it used to but I think it’s because they haven’t highlighted the different edges like they did for some of the previous series. I think the masks could easily have looked much better with highlighted edges. Just something I thought I should mention.



    Kryten has abit of a baby face in XI and XII





    Pete Part Three

    It looks a bit pony, but anything’s an improvement over the monstrosity in X.



    they haven’t highlighted the different edges like they did for some of the previous series

    I’ve drawn lots of cartoons of Kryten over the past twenty five years or so, and it’s the lines on the forehead in particular that are less highlighted in the newer masks.



    Although thinking about it, it might be because nowadays, it’s more of a one piece, whereas back in the day, it was more broken up – so the forehead was always more of a firmly glued on job, which is probably why it was more noticable.
    Or something.


    Adam Bailey

    Just out of curiosity I did a quick attempt at better defining some of the edges on that Kryten mask.

    View post on imgur.com



    Adam Bailey

    Oh, we can’t edit posts. Let’s try that again:



    It looked better in the AA ad, let’s not forget that makeups are normally refined over several series and Millennium have only worked on one plus an advert 3 years later.

    I think it’s also a lighting thing. The characters are lit very differently these days, there are a lot less shadows and half-light on faces, so there are less chances for the angles on Kryten’s mask to highlight/lowlight themselves. VII was very bright on faces too as part of its comic book aesthetic, and it’s notable that this is when the mask edges were highlighted to compensate. For the series where it looks best, it’s regularly dipping into the shadows and is rarely lit full-on.



    That is a really good point about the lighting. I think that, more than anything else (even the costumes) is what makes the show look so different to its glory days.

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