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    Sarah O’Connell interviews Doug Naylor about Red Dwarf XII, the forthcoming series XIII and Live Show!



    interesting mention of the original Series X finale


    Ben Saunders

    Ooh, very interesting. Earth II? Hadn’t heard that one before.



    The way he describes Norman wanting to be in it, but Doug having already written 11 episodes by time he called gives me the impression that the idea of a true return of Holly yet to come isn’t as unlikely as we’d all thought.

    I’m a little unclear on how Holly would fit into new Red Dwarf, but I would welcome the experiment seeing as how he was back much closer to his original persona in Skipper. And anything that gives Series XIII a unique spin after two series that felt like peas in a pod is fine by me, I love Red Dwarf as the show that never stops changing the status quo.

    And change Rimmer’s damn tunic, it’s been the same for 18 episodes.

    I’m excited at the prospect of a script written specifically for the stage, because it would obviously have to be more grounded and character-focused than the more high-concept style much of XI and XII has been. AND it wouldn’t be Dear Dave.

    Please tell me irradiated haggis will now be a plot in XIII.



    Why did you combine three separate people’s opinions into one though?



    honestly doug sounded slightly bewildered when he heard the interviewer mention “irradiated haggis”. i wonder if he knew what she was on about or if he thought she was just mad



    Bless her! She really wasn’t a very good interviewer at all. I’m sure she’s a lovely person, though.


    International Debris

    She likes the word ‘absolutely’, doesn’t she?
    Some interesting stuff in there, particularly the original X ending.



    It sounds like more thought has been put into the live show than I’d previously thought. Though Doug says nothing concrete and it’s still obviously a way away, this is the first time that Doug has spoken about it and it has sounded like an actual plan rather than an idea. Just him mentioning that it would be an O2 residency makes me thinks that he’s thought about the economics and practicality of it at least a bit.

    Didn’t think it was that bad an interview to be honest. She knew the show pretty well and when she asked about the characters it gave us some insight into how Doug thinks about the characters nowadays.



    She also interviewed Danny as well:


    Ben Saunders

    She got some good answers out of Doug but the flow felt a bit stilted and awkward – absolutely not the worst interview I’ve ever seen. Better than “why do you think the show is still so successful” and “what’s the secret of comedy”


    Pete Part Three

    Not going to criticise her technique. She obviously loves the show and has managed to get some good guests, but this doesn’t really work as a video thing. Having your interviewer in profile (rather than face-on) kind of defeats the point of videoing it in the first place. The one with Danny is at least blocked a bit better. They also appear to be standing up which for a fairly long conversation seems awkward. Works for quick sound bites on a red carpet, not so for a bunch of nerdy detailed questions,



    The thing that always strikes me when I see Doug Naylor being interviewed is how much he reminds me of my therapist.


    Ben Saunders

    Doug looks like a lovely old man. Something about his jacket and glasses. It really warms my heart to see him smiling and clearly so happy with how XI and XII have been going.



    Lovely Uncle Doug! Hope this isn’t transference.



    The Holly scene works in Skipper because it’s very much a back-to-basics Holly/Rimmer. Once you have him in a scene with the full cast you’re stuck with the same situation from III-V, struggling for lines to give the character.

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