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    At The Basement in Kensington Street, Brighton, Doug Naylor on Thursday 13th June is giving a talk about his achievements, in an event alongside Jeff Wayne who did the orchestrated war of the worlds stage show.

    Coming Next Red Dwarf: The Musical then? :-p

    Danny Stephenson

    Doug’s also doing a talk about his achievements at Dimension Jump this year it seems according to TOS :) It’d be nice to hear a Q&A with Jeff Wayne though…

    Ian Symes

    Do not talk about The Event.

    Stephen R. Fletcher

    “Coming Next Red Dwarf: The Musical then? :-p”

    LISTER: We have to work out what the smeg is making us burst into smegging song!

    KRYTEN: And where that orchestra is coming from!

    RIMMER: I’ve got a theory
    That it’s an alien
    A dancing alien — nah, something isn’t right there

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist)


    Hmm, Doug and (sort of) 70s prog rock. That’s a hard combination to say no two when it combines two of my big interests. Might have to pop along.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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