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    Jake, if YOU happen to read this: GO AWAY.

    Hi you who are writing funny stuff all the time,

    I want to create a little cartoon for a friend of mine (who I’ve liked to G&T before so I do hope he won’t read this here) who’s getting married, Garfield style, and I can draw the stuff and everything, but I can’t come up with a punchline (or story) for the life of me. Does anyone here think they can help me come up with something? I’d really appreciate it.

    Ben Paddon

    Oh God, I’m always coming up with little stories. Did you have a particular sort-of thing in mind? A theme, or something?


    Young Man: I’m getting married, Grandad!
    Grandad: Congratulations! I remember when I got married. Thirty of the most gloriously happy years of my life! … and then I met her.

    Boom boom.


    Your friend’s getting married Garfield style? Guess the wedding won’t be on a Monday then…though there’ll be plenty of lasagna at the reception.


    That was really clever of me, asking for help immediately before leaving the town for the weekend. Ben, I really appreciate it!! I’ll message you in facebook tomorrow :D

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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