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    Ben Paddon

    I don’t know how many of you are into the whole “writing” thing – I personally love writing, from stories to scripts to poetry to Nerdcore Hip-hop – but about two months ago I discovered a website called Ficlets, a sort-of communal writing site.

    On this site, you can write Incredibly Short Stories – between 64 and 1,024 characters in length, in fact. You can also write Sequels and Prequels to any ficlet on the site, be it your own or someone elses. Working with this sort of limitation is incredibly challenging but tons of fun. I’ve managed to write 70 ficlets so far – have a look, if you’re interested.

    Does anyone else here use ficlets? Does anyone else here write, in fact?


    Doesn’t Seb and Tanya do this for a living? Not stories, but writing in the commercial sector.

    Seb Patrick

    Yeah, I write, although it’s not my day job (my day job involves working FOR writers, though). I’m working towards a career in writing, but I’m in the early stages – I freelance for websites and a couple of magazines, some of it paid work, but it’s all in my spare time at the moment. I’m also writing a sitcom with Cappsy and Ian.

    That ficlets thing sounds interesting, though, I might give it a go…


    I write sketches with mixed success


    We-ell, I do have that weblog I haven’t updated in fucking ages…

    Tanya Jones

    I’m flattered by the suggestion that I might write professionally! The reality is that I do it for love. My day job is far less exciting.


    All of my short stories threaten to spill over into novels as it is…I think writing ficlets would be nigh on impossible for me.

    A few years ago I started to fence myself into the short-story mindset because I was frustrated that all of my ideas grew naturally so large that I’d never have any time to write them.

    I actually have a collection of 11 short pieces out:

    Which I actually think is very good, and some of the best writing I’ve ever done.

    A new short story of mine was purchased by the SNAFU Anthology (based in Montreal) and that issue will be released next month:

    You may recognize the title of my story. Ahem.

    Anyway, ficlets interest me (we actually spent some time studying them in my writing workshops, though they were called, alternately, flash-fiction or sudden fiction) but I wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything with them. I have difficulty enough getting things down to 20 pages as it is.


    I duz writin.

    John Hoare

    I “do” “writing”.




    While I’m primarily a songwriter I’ve also ‘dabbled’ with a sitcom about students for years. Sadly it makes Two Pints seem like Blackadder (not literally…how mad would that be?). I kind of gave up on it when my sister, 4 years younger than me and still at uni, looked at it and asked me how it was supposed to be funny. It was way too in-joke based. Stuff that my mates and I find funny because most of it happened to us. I may still get back around to it.

    I’ve still got a novel going though. It’s essentially a children’s fantasy/sci-fi story with some King-like horror and themes thrown in. I’m not actually that bothered about it being published or anything (yeah right…) I’m just adding to it whenever I feel like it. If I actually got my arse in gear with it I would be aiming for a four books in total. It’s all planned it’s just…doing it.

    Ben Paddon

    I’d like to mention that I’m currently writing a script for an episode of Doctor Who, although sadly not because they’ve asked me to – it’s purely recreational. It’s something that’s never been done in the show at all, so it’s something I’m very excited about. I imagine once I’ve finished it I may strip out elements and use it for a future issue of Jump Leads.

    Oh, my ficlets can be found here. I’d love some feedback from you guys.


    I do writing too, I’m part of a writing group that works together to write short sections of a much larger continuing story. Check out http://www.bluedwarf.co.uk


    I suck at writing and therefore hate it.

    Ficlets is awesome anyway, yay small reads for short breaks at work.

    Ben Paddon

    I hope you don’t mind, Seb, but I borrowed your name for this Ficlet.

    Ben Paddon

    And again. Those two characters appear to have become my standard “chatting guys” now.

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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