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    Hi guys,

    Did anyone else apply for tickets for the filming of Red Dwarf? If so, has anyone heard anything as the website said they would notify people by 8th November, i.e. – yesterday.




    Only people who are getting tickets have been notified, I believe. So if you haven’t heard anything by now, bad luck, probably.

    I applied but also didn’t hear back.



    Same. I applied and haven’t heard. Quite disappointed. I missed out in anything for XI and XII too. Bit annoying when you know there are people that get to go to multiple records.


    Stephen Abootman

    No luck here either and Lost in TV have confirmed they’ve all gone. However, there is the standby list:

    “it’s the day before filming we release them. Although bear in mind they are only standby tickets, so entry is reliant upon ticket-holders not turning up. But most on standby do get in, so it can be worthwhile if you live locally or don’t mind taking a risk.”


    Captain Bollocks

    It still bothers me that there are people who will get tickets to these recordings despite having no idea (or only vague memories) about what Red Dwarf even is because they apply for literally any old shite going on Lost in TV just so they can blag a free night out, whilst I’ve been a fan since the original BBC run when I was just a wee bairn and I’ve never had so much as a sniff.

    I get that it’s the fairest/easiest system, but it’s still a bit disheartening.


    Ben Saunders

    Dangerously close to gatekeeping, here



    There were some genuinely bad audiences for XI/XII, so I think they may have tipped the scales slightly too far the other way. Obviously you don’t want too sycophantic an audience noise either, but if you get audiences where half of them don’t seem to want to be there to the point of causing trouble, you may need to allocate a certain amount through the Fan Club again.

    X had it about right I think.



    Well they don’t want anyone in the audience groaning this time when they reveal the special is Polymorph 4 :P

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