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    Hello my friends,
    As you may have guessed, I live in America (Region 1), where the original DVDs look quite a lot different. As some of you may be, I’m interested in having all my new DVDs match the old ones, unfortunately, nobody’s made replacement/reversible covers for us. As such, I’d like a little help with font identification, if possible. There’s a few fonts I’m unsure on, namely, every single one except the Times New Roman (ew) of the logo/spine. Anything helps. Thanks.



    Ooh, I should probably say that the nicest version I could find online was the VIII one at . Good luck.


    Phobos And Deimos

    Episode titles and descriptive text – Microgramma (Bold Extended) or Eurostile (Black Extended).

    Check the weights and typeface itself, there’s subtle differences between both but not enough to be a concern at a smaller point size.



    I’ve always used Microgramma D Bold Extended personally, and on the UK release, the blurb is in a medium Microgramma.



    I don’t believe you’re correct, as the font on R1 DVDs are quite different, but thanks anyhow.



    Oh is that official? Didn’t realise, thought it was a fan made one. Yeah, the UK has Microgramma but I recognise the font on the US one. I’ll get back to you.


    Phobos And Deimos

    Oh wait, you wanted the fonts for the R1 DVDs. I gave you the R2 UK fonts, I’m ignorant.

    Having had a peek at them, fucked if I know, stick to the R2 UK DVDs, they’re all killer, no filler.



    I know those pictures are a little low-res, I’ll see if I can’t scan a better version when I get home.



    Oh yeah, also, is there any clean version of the backgrounds? Because, if not, I suppose I’ll just use that beautiful panoramic shot of the bunkroom for X, and, well, who knows what for the XI.



    the XI



    Right, so I’m almost certain the blurb font is Agency FB Bold Condensed, the “Bonus Features” font is really recognisable but it’s escaping me at the moment.



    Sorry, the list of bonus features is Agency FB Bold Condensed, the blurb is another Agency FB I think, maybe Regular Compressed.



    I can’t name the BONUS FEATURES font, but it seems it’s the same as THE ORIGINAL AND EXTENDED SERIES, so I suppose if you find one of them you’ve killed two birds with one stone.



    Yeah they’re the same. I reckon that one is Mecanic.



    I don’t think it is, as evidenced by the way the L in Mecanic curls up while the L in ‘ORIGINAL’ doesn’t, but it’s close enough that I could try it.



    Mecanic is a good place to start, maybe search for fonts similar to it, you could always use something like Post Industrial Dark for the L’s or just lop a bit off the L.

    As for the backgrounds, for the back, I’d scan one of your existing ones, because the picture of Lister painting the ship is the same on all of them, just put the background through hue and saturation on photoshop and have a fiddle until it matches the front.

    The front, it might be worth seeing if you can get a decent screenshot maybe? There aren’t many proper pictures of the XI Starbug interior. A bluray screenshot of the cockpit with Lister at the helm, with him cropped out, might be alright.



    That’s the largest picture of the Region 2 release from TOS, maybe a slight scale up and fiddle in photoshop wouldn’t do too much damage, it’s not far off.

    Maybe check deviantart too and see if someone’s beaten you to it.




    Alright, here’s a niceish quality scan, should help quite a bit:






    Ben Paddon

    I’ve always had mixed feelings about the US DVDs. They lack the logo spine which simultaneously sidesteps the alignment issue while also rendering the spines less interesting. But they also have that silver foil effect on the logo.


    Pete Part Three

    That BBC Video logo is damn ugly though.



    I’ll be honest, I would stare at my US spines all day, while I just find the UK ones, even with the logo set up… odd. Although it would probably do a much better job encouraging me to put them back in the box.

    Oh yes, the foil. It’s lovely.



    Is it the foil effect that’s making Rimmer look like he’s in some kind of Oswald Mosley-approved version of his costume in that scan upthread?



    I often wondered why the US DVD covers use different photos of Rimmer and Lister but found this on an old TOS article



    “Changes to the cover art reflect the difference between the UK and USA markets, but that doesn’t mean the team haven’t stayed close to the heart of Red Dwarf: “We wanted the US covers to show off the fun, quirky humour of the program, and felt that this will help the show to stand out in a video store on a crowded Sci-Fi shelf, where other Sci-Fi packaging is more serious. One of the things we love about the program is that, while the product itself is of a very high quality, it has a tongue-in-cheek irreverence and isn’t afraid to laugh at itself. We wanted the package to reflect that, so we tried to select images which were funny and make them a little more prominent on the package front.”



    This is honestly my favorite of the US covers because it looks like Lister’s actually shooting Rimmer.

    Is it the foil effect that’s making Rimmer look like he’s in some kind of Oswald Mosley-approved version of his costume in that scan upthread?

    Don’t know what you mean, but the foil is on the front logo & numeral, text on the spine, and the logo in the episode box.






    The ‘original series’ and ‘bonus features’ font is Armada, Bold for some maybe medium condensed or compressed for the smaller stuff. The blurb is probably Armada light condensed or compressed. You’d have to look it up.



    I was referring to the colour of Rimmer’s costume, it looks very black in that pic. I presume it looks shiny with the foil effect, but the scan has made it look dark?



    Well, for the TOS image:

    So, yes, Rimmer’s uniform for the picture is black, but it normally does stand out from the foil.



    Also, thank you much to GlenTokyo.
    Okay, the uniform isn’t exactly black, but the shot makes it look pretty dark.



    Oh, it’s just a particularly dark shot of the shiny suit then. Not what I thought at all. Thanks.



    No problem, I’m a stickler for correct fonts haha… I’ve been mocking something up, trying to fiddle the Region 2 one, so I’ll try and get that done tonight if I have time and you can see what you think/ alter it/ pilfer bits.



    Bit rough in places, but considering what I had to work with I’m quite pleased.



    I can’t fucking embed an image to save my life, try again.



    Bugger my arse, there’s a typo. Corrected here.



    That looks splendid.



    Needs the series 12 episode titles.



    Very nice. As in very, very nice. A couple of things I notice, though, having spent much time staring at the R1 covers myself:
    – The Rimmer and Lister picture should be split, although that would probably near impossible given the unavailability of a clean copy of the background.
    – if properly done, the complete series eleven bar fades across.
    – “Kruten”
    – The bonus features font isn’t wide enough, while the episode titles are too wide.

    But again, VERY nicely done.


    Phobos And Deimos

    R1 DVD for once looking better than R2 shocker.



    R1 has always looked better, but XI colors especially suit the format.



    Also, not sure how well it would work with just seven, but I know with the original run’s eleven to twenty (ish) extras per DVD, the bonus features box would just move its top up & down so as to not leave blank spaces.


    Ben Paddon

    I’d probably use that ancient ‘n’ ‘orrible BBC Video logo, just for consistency’s sake, but otherwise splendid.

    I don’t suppose anyone’s done Region 1 versions alt covers for BTE and X, have they?



    I don’t suppose anyone’s done Region 1 versions alt covers for BTE and X, have they?

    Not any worth using.

    Also, that WB logo could definitely use being swapped out for the idk-what-symbol-that-is symbol and that thing I’ll call an “E-code”. Probably incorrect, probably irrelevant, and probably outdated, and I definitely don’t know what it means, but the numbers which would match for that:
    BTE: 0840
    X: 1206
    XI: 5434

    And that shot of Lister is a noticeably different one, but at least it’s sexy.



    Could I be putting my microanalysis abilities to better use? Definitely. So what.



    The picture of Lister is different, he’s not painting, just resting, but it’s the highest resolution picture I could find from the shoot without having to plug my scanner in.

    With the extras box, I tried shrinking it down to fit just the extras but the large blue space above all the production company logos looked worse than the empty spaces in the extras box, at least the box is interesting.

    The black box at the top does fade, but the top of the picture is dark, and I had to pull it down a little to hide some stuff from the bottom of the region 2 box, so underneath is just clone tooled and drawn in so it’s a bit ropey. That’s why I went for a darker fade.

    I’ll fix the Kruten typo later, and have a look at the episodes font.

    The symbol you don’t know that you’re on about, do you mean the Closed Captions symbol? Squared speech bubble? I also might change the WB logo to a simpler one, but a lot of it is done to hide things from the region 2 one, for example the 2 Entertain logo is under threat WB.

    There’s a lot of that front cover around the bottom and near the top left that I had to draw, because all of the Region 2 shite was all over it. And Rimmer and Lister are together because Rimmer and Lister are still there underneath, though only from the nipple up once I moved the cover down. I had to paint out the barrel of the Bazookoid.

    I thought about finding the SFX cover images so I could put one of Danny above the R in Red but I thought it was getting too busy.

    As for the BBC video, I was going to but I thought it’d be more fake realistic to use the current logos at the time of print if you get what I mean.



    Yeah, so I guessed for most of that. Still, it looks quite lovely.



    Ok, so this is my final one for XI reckon, fixed the typos I hope, changed “The Complete Series Eleven” to “The Complete Eleventh Series” because it’s better English and that’s what it actually says on the Region 2 one.

    Changed the BBC logo to a BBC Video logo, added the E code and Closed Caption logo and got rid of the WB on the spine. Lightened the fade at the top of the front cover as much as I’m comfortable with so that it still hides the crimes beneath.

    Lined up the ‘Red Dwarf’ on the spine with the scan flanl provided, so were anyone to actually print it out, it should line up (theoretically). Also aligned the CC and DVD logos a bit more for consistency.

    On the back, fixed the typos, got the font sizes near enough correct, shrank the special features box to fit the amount of actual special features, and moved the production and distribution logos up to fill the space. To fill the space that made I’ve changed the layout of the legal shite to go all the way across the case. Generally tweaked the locations of things to make it nicer.

    Lister is still having a rest a) because I can’t find the cable to my scanner and b) it’s an anti fob off device, anyone tries to say it’s official and get Danny angry at not being on the box, you can say it’s a fan made thing.

    I’m contemplating starting a thread with it on for any Americans on here if they’d like it. It might be a bit buried in here now. What do you reckon?

    Might have a go at BTE and X too now I have a workable template. We’ll see, maybe next week. I’m finding it quite amusing that I can also make a series XII cover as well if I want. Just get the episode titles from the steelbook and cobble together a bit of a synopsis from the set reports. Choose a different picture for the front (maybe Cat and Kryten) and blam – series XII cover 11 months before broadcast.


    Pete Part Three

    >I’m contemplating starting a thread with it on for any Americans on here if they’d like it.

    Some of the Brits would be interested too, as I appreciate a nice design (and that is nice). It’ll also make a change from some of the crap forum threads recently.



    Oh my, that is definitely beautiful. I mean, the synopsis text has always been justified left rather than aligned to the center, but I’d say it looks better centered anyhow. But I do believe that is one of the loveliest things I’ve seen all month. Year, maybe.



    I never noticed that the synopsis was justified left, I just assumed it would be central. I think I was focusing on the drop cap and never looked further. I’ll see what it looks like the other way when I do X and BTE.

    Someone has already started a thread on the back of this, so I’ll wait until I’ve done the others and make it a massive first post.

    Does make a change from the “Would you give Craig Charles a prostate massage” type threads, yeah.

    Now I know people are happy with the quality I’ll do the others and try and maintain it.



    I’ll be printing it off next week when I get home. It’s fantastic.



    Say, what did you use for that? InDesign? Photoshop? MS Paint?



    Say, what did you use for that? InDesign? Photoshop? MS Paint?

    By the way, this isn’t intended demeaningly, some of the most beautiful photo editing jobs I’ve seen were in Paint, I’m really just curious as I’ve been struggling to design one myself.



    I use Photoshop CS5, self taught so probably not very well haha



    Out of curiosity, spent any time on any others yet?



    Yeah, started last night, just putting a couple of templates together to make my life easier. Should have something to show by the end of the week.






    Just putting this here because I know you were planning on print it out, this is the final final mega finito version. It’s as close as I’ll ever get – it’s got the right picture of Lister painting the ship, and I noticed that the US DVD’s have little Red Dwarf panels on the bottom of the back cover, and a bit of a darker fade. So I did that, and I justified the blurb properly.

    Anyway, I’m going to get on with the others now – I’ll make a new post for those when I’m done.


    Ben Paddon

    I’m still holding out for Bluray-formatted R2 versions for BTE, X and XI. I’d do it myself but… eeeuuueeeehhh.



    Jesus. The panels are quite a nice reference to the old DVDs. Totally beautiful.



    They’re on my docket assuming I can get the reference images. I also thought about just putting all the bluray logos on a DVD sized cover, then you can just rebox, but I’ll likely do both. It’s good practice.



    Am I the only one concerned that you are distributing these as JPEGs? It would be a hell of thing to put in all of this work and then have quality lost due to lossy compression.



    I mean, for me, I’m only going to print them with so much quality anyways, I want consistency, not my mom charging me a hefty ink bill.



    Is there a hosting site that hosts pngs? I save them as psd files on my laptop, then upload flat pngs but I chose imgur so it changes it to jpg.

    My plan was though to save them all in a zip file and host that somewhere when I’d finished.

    I just posted this one for flanl to be honest.


    Phobos And Deimos

    Imgur shouldn’t convert to JPG, I’ve uploaded a lot and it’s stayed as PNG, although it might convert to JPG after it reaches a certain file size.



    Well I definitely don’t save as jpg, I don’t think I ever have haha, even in the old days using paint I saved bmp files. Maybe there’s an option I’m not selecting or you need to log in or something.



    I’ve found this site that hosts .png files proper. Hopefully it’s legit and not full of ads – seems ok on mine.



    I just posted this one for flanl to be honest.

    I’m flattered.




    Oh. Apparently that site is shithouse. The resolution has shrunk it down to a postage stamp. Ignore those. I’ll experiment and come back.



    Set up a deviantart for these, at least I know that’s somewhat reputable.

    Here’s a .png



    You can add a watermark on DeviantArt if you want, too.



    DeviantArt should work fine for these, based on my experience.

    And I am glad that you are indeed working with lossless formats, especially when doing iterative modifications. The amount of people that unwittingly suffer from generation loss is more than I can count, but I apologize for doubting you in this case.



    The resolution has shrunk it down to a postage stamp.

    Excuse me, but I was under the impression that that was its purpose.



    Yeah, I would do the watermark for original stuff but I’m not on these for a few reasons, people want to print them off, it’s based off someone else’s work so I’m only partially responsible, and I don’t think there’s anyway to profit off these legally even if anyone did knick them and claim them, which I don’t think they will anyway.

    Just doing it for teh community innit, and for practice.

    Yeah I’m a 28mb png kind of guy Hamish, always save stuff highest res and quality possible now. Most of the things I draw on Photoshop are over 4k now, as I figure by the time I need an 8k screen I’ll be old and fucked off with technology and never go further, or some kind of apocalypse will have rendered all electronics unusable.

    That postage stamp size website seems to be working on an off, it might be a traffic issue. It’s only about 3MB anyway, but the resolution needs to stay the same so we don’t want any compression or filetype issues.



    Oh yeah, I posted the thread I’m going to use. There’s a BtE R1 DVD cover on there too.



    I was talking to someone recently and tthey were telling me they’d just put a “proper cover” on Back to Earth, and I asked what cover, and they sent me the link to this one. I don’t know that you need more proof of how good it is.



    Nice. I’ll have to go back and finish the others in the new year, maybe redo the DVD covers for a Blu-ray version too. My computer literally died mid way through, catastrophic motherboard failure, saved the HDD though so I’ve still got all the stuff somewhere.

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